Airthings Wave Home Assistant Add-on

In case anyone finds it helpful, I have packaged a python script that I wrote to pull sensor values from Airthings Wave devices as a Home Assistant Add-on, which can be found at GitHub - mjmccans/hassio-addon-airthings. You can click here to see my prior posting about the script itself, but I will reproduce the description below for ease of access.

The add-on pulls sensor values from Airthings environmental monitoring devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and sends those values to Home Assistant via MQTT discovery. This means that the Airthings device and its associated sensors will automatically appear in Home Assistant if everything is set up correctly. For example, in my system the following device and associated sensors appear in Home Assistant after running the script:

The add-on has been working well for me on an Odroid N2+ running HassOS, and I have also tested it on a Raspberry Pi and a Supervised install on Debian (although you need to make sure the right bluetooth packages are installed if you go the Supervised route). I would also like to point out that my script leverages code developed by Marty Tremblay for his sensor.airthings_wave project for interacting with Airthings devices. Marty’s project is a great one, and you should definitely check it out if you are looking for a custom component to interface with Airthings devices. If you find my script useful please head over to Marty’s project and consider a donation because he really did all of the heavy lifting figuring out how to interface with these devices.

I look forward to any feedback people have, and hope that this proves helpful to others.

Your integration is awesome!