Alarm - Arm on exit

From my experience of alarms, when setting an alarm to Armed Away, when you exit the building the system goes straight from arming to ‘armed away’. How can I get HA to do this?

That is, I put my code in, I press ‘ARM AWAY’. Then, as soon as I shut the front door, the system goes to armed_away?

I’m probably missing something obvious. Or, maybe this isn’t possible. It took me hours to get the thing working and this will just complete the set up for me.

Thanks in advance.

You might want to look at alarmo.

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The moment you arm your alarm_panel_control entity, it’s done. There’s no opportunity to make it pause and wait for something else to happen first (like closing the front door) before it actually arms.

The workaround is to use another entity, perhaps an input_boolean, to serve as a proxy. For example, the moment you turn on the input_boolean, it triggers an automation. The automation employs a wait_template that waits for the front door to be closed. The moment the door is closed, the automation continues and proceeds to arm the alarm_control_panel.

Alternately, create an automation that is always triggered when the front door closes. When triggered it checks a condition if the input_boolean is currently on. If it isn’t, it does nothing. If it is, it proceeds to arm the alarm_control_panel.

Create a virtual device that once when activated will check the condition of the Armed Away status and will execute Armed Away if it reports Disarmed after a predetermined time. ie your exit time.

Thanks to everyone that responded - and so quickly too!

I don’t think I explained myself properly because the suggestions I received didn’t really fit with what I’m trying to do. Sorry!

This is the sequence of actions and events at the moment:

  1. The system is in the disarmed state
  2. I enter my code and press ARM AWAY
  3. The system goes to the arming state
  4. After a delay the system goes to the armed_away state
  5. If a sensor is activated the system goes to the pending state

What I’d like is for step 4 to change to:

  1. The system goes to the armed_away state EITHER because the delay time has run down OR because my front door goes from open to closed.

I hope that is a bit clearer but…

Thanks for the help.

As mentioned above, have a look at Alarmo. I’m pretty sure it has an option to bypass the exit delay.

I can’t speak for anyone else but the requirements in your first post were clear. As explained, you need to use a proxy for the alarm_control_panel because it communicates directly with whatever integration you are currently using for your alarm system. After step 2 is performed, the integration you are using has received the arm_away command and is acting on it.

The other option suggested by others is to replace your existing integration with Alarmo (a custom integration that emulates a physical alarm system).

BTW, which integration are you using?

I’m using the manual alarm (is that what you mean?)

Thanks again!

OK, then you might be able to replace it with the Template Alarm Control Panel. It gives you fine-grained control of how each alarm function is performed.