[Custom Component] Alarmo - browser managed alarm system

Hi! I would like to share another project I am working on:


Alarmo is an integration for creating an alarm system by using the sensors that are already in HA.
It is based on the manual alarm control panel, but takes a different approach.
The integration is completely managed from the browser, and adds some more stuff.

Some of the features

  • Discovers compatible sensors in HA and allows you to connect them to the alarm system, such that they can activate the alarm.
  • Configure multiple arming modes with individual sensor sets (zones) and delays (for leaving en entering)
  • Receive push messages when something happens or trigger a siren.
  • Set up multiple users with their own pin or password and permission level.
  • Works great with HA and the Alarm Panel Card.

And more to come!


For more details and installation instructions check the repo:

:warning:This thing is new. Work-in-progress. BETA version.
May contain bugs, cause headaches, etc. Install and use it on your own risk.
If you don’t like to experiment with your HA setup, maybe this is not for you.
Or keep an eye on the topic, see how it progresses. I’ll try to keep you posted.

Please join the discussion for sharing your ideas and wishes.
I would like to see this project becoming useful for many users, so I appreciate your feedback.


Nice one, I will definitely install and have a look later on. Will let you know. Thanks for now!

Interesting I installed it and let’s see the possibilities offered. Are you also planning to translate it into other languages?

Definitely. As long as people are willing to contribute by providing a translation file for their language.

i have followed the installation and all seems to go ok, when i click on the alarmo panel i get this pop up.

" Unable to load custom panel from https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxl.duckdns.org:8123/api/panel_custom/alarmo"

it seems to be conflicting with ducksdns, any ideas how to resolve this ?

Update:- after trying everything to resolve this issue last night, i decided to start from scratch again in the end, what i noticed is that i changed something by a digit in the download file name,… don’t ask :slight_smile: while trying to resolve this issue, it’s when i downloaded the files again is when i noticed, anyway all in all everything is working now, and time to have a play around with alarmo.

I will be watching this with interest! Looking to migrate from bwalarm at some point. I may load this up to help test for you in the next couple of weeks. Thanks a lot for getting this started and providing the momentum!

Hmm. Wish I knew.
I am running duckdns here as well, also with https. Not a problem, so I’m not sure if it is related to it.
Seems that some people have experienced the same with HACS, and resolved it through clearing browser cache.
That is worth a try (although caching issue doesn’t seem likely for a fresh install).

Additionally, you could try to open the URL outside of HA. Should bring up the source code of the frontend, not a 404 error.
In my case the URL is: https://[REDACTED].duckdns.org/api/panel_custom/alarmo and loads fine from the browser. So the pattern is correct (not like anything is missing here).
I removed the port number through my letsencrypt config, but that should not make any difference.

Ofcourse its a good idea to check your HA log for any crash of the component. It probably takes the frontend panel down with it.

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I have just installed and I am playing with it, looks very straight forward and it’s great for the first release, wel done, mate.
One thing I noticed, I have 2 sirens so I would be looking into adding another one in the code. Maybe a space to add custom code?
I am using bwlarm and I already have a bunch of customised stuff running into it (I get messages on Telegram, I can arm/disarm and see status on it, I am also able to get calls if the alarm is triggered via my Asterisk box, etc) so I will also look into adding this later on.
If there’s anything you’d like to test apart from the alarm use itself, let me know.

Good point. Its on my todo list to make actions more freely configurable. So multiple devices (and domains) should definitely be part of it.
Custom code I’m not sure about. Would be a last resort if the GUI becomes to complex, but the goal is to make everything configurable with the mouse.

For the time being you could ofcourse add an automation that watches for triggered state of the alarm entity. Or add a dummy switch entity that triggers the two sirens.

I would like to hear about all these different use-cases (also from other users), to form an idea for a generic way to integrate it into the component.
Important part is where to draw the line between stuff inside of the component, and external automations or scripts.
Ideally the alarm should be standalone, not requiring extra automations to be practical.
But it might take a while until we get there.
Ofcourse I could expose properties (like active sensors) to facilitate external automations.

The happy-flow functionality is already tested, the corner cases probably not completely (like sensors being not available, glitches, restoring after reboot).
Would like to reach a baseline where the alarm is reliable, so we can discuss whistles and bells.
The best way to get there (I guess), is by using it.
There is no unit test or regression test or anything in place unfortunately. So for the time being, I appreciate everyone who wants to help through installing it in their HA setup.

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If you want I can translate into Italian, compatibly with the job … I haven’t translated any applications and / or games for a long time … if you indicate the files that need to be translated … do you use .json files or something else?

Works for me and I understand.

Absolutely fine, this also makes sense and I believe would the best course.

I will probably have more time to test some of those during the week and I will report my findings. Again, thanks for the effort, it is looking great.

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I can’t seem to get it to load in my integrations . I am excited and can’t wait to use it…

Forgot to mention this to @neliss: when you get the zip file, it unzips everything in the folder you are, I created an alarmo folder inside custom_components and unziped the files there, it worked.

Very nice again :slight_smile:
Some suggestions:

  1. Some UI elements like this: No_see_HA_dark
  2. Push messages (at least header) edit as this “Message from Alarmo” is beta one as I see… We have more than one HA running and it would be good to add some naming :slight_smile:
  3. moving from one Wifi network to another received “The alarm is on now (in night mode)” twice in 2 minutes :frowning:
    Anyway very happy with Your approach…
    Best, JR
    BTW is it better to report issues on Github?

I have 4 sirens. I put them in a group to be able to control them all at once. May not suit you if you have scenarios that switch them individually.

Needs more than one Target for push messages.

Couple of checks:

  1. Did you place the files in custom_components/alarmo ?
  2. Did you do a restart of HA after?
  3. Is a message printed in the HA log with ‘you are using a custom integration alarmo …’
  4. Does it show up in Configuration -> Integrations page (when you click the button in the bottom?
  5. If step 4 fails, please try a browser cache refresh (or private tab or other browser)

Let us know what comes out :slight_smile:

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Noted, thanks.
Currently making a release is a bit of a puzzle, since I have to cherry-pick files together.
Looking for a way to automate this process and keep the zip consistent.
And I will try to get Alarmo available in HACS

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Didn’t test dark mode I must admit. Should have done it :slight_smile:

More than one HA running?? Never heard that one before…
But I agree. The Push implementation is bare minimum.
It definitely deserves translations, but customisation as well.

Not sure what you mean here, please explain.
How is the wifi affecting things?
Anything that could be caused by Alarmo?

For things that will take more than a few mins to fix, yes…
I heard already 2 discussion points: (1) Notifications (2) Translations.
Would be good if there is a Github issue for both, so users can share their needs/opinions, and for follow-up on the progress from my side.

Thanks! Didn’t think of that and it works really well!

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