Alert UI Configurator

Similar to automations and helpers, enable configuration of Alerts from the web interface.

I also want to see alert states support templates. This will allow setting any condition for it to run, without having to rely on creating a template sensor


Surprised to see this is not possible in the UI for automations. Please consider adding soon!

It’s curious that alerts can’t still be created/managed via the UI, while that’s possible for almost everything else now (automations, scripts, scenes etc)

Just adding on: it does seem odd that it’s possible to create relatively complex automations via the ui, but creating an ‘alert me if this temperature sensor goes over 25C’ (which to the layperson seems a much simpler) requires a trip to configuration.yaml and possibly a template sensor as well!

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With the new focus on the UI this year of 2024, it would be nice to see Alerts get added in as well so we can manage that functionality without having to dive into the YAML.

I have seen comments from core devs that Alerts are intended to be eventually deprecated and replaced by automations/blueprints, so I don’t think there is any interest in implementing new functionality for them.

Are there any tutorials or guides for setting up an automation as an alert? If alerts are being deprecated I’d rather use the new way if possible

Are those comments visible in Discord or somewhere? I am interested in seeing them.

Comments from github:

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Awesome, thanks for providing those! That’s pretty definitive and since its the same message from different people, very party-line. I will avoid sinking too much mental energy into alerts in the meantime and instead work with the automation feature

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