Alerts with conditions and templates

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Alerts are a great feature to be alerted regularly without setting up automations, but currently it seems very limited.

For example I want to be alerted if a windows is opened, but only if the outside temp is below a certain value.

I know that I could set up a binary template sensor with both conditions in it (temperatur and window).
But it would be nicer to add this directly in the alerts.

Also currently you give it an entity and a state. If the state matches it should trigger (but not always see)

But also be nice to use template here this way be could trigger the alert, when a state goes over a certain value. Currently we have to set up another binary sensor for that. But I think alerts are to keep it simple and neat.

Something like that should also be able to trigger the alert:

value_template: '{{ (states.sensor.some_value_state.state | float > 20) }}'

This feature request already exists:

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Agree 100%. Love the repeat function of the alert component but need a condition to be true before it is useful for me, as I have a sensor that is only used occasionally, on demand. Getting 100 notifications or having to use input_boolean to control them is not ideal.

If we could either enable/disable the alerts like automations or just add repeat functionality to the notify component even, we’d have a huge win…

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