Alexa Announce Feature - Text to Speach via Alexa now a possability?

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It’s not node-red.
I just copied the alexa-node-cookie-helper directory into my ha-alexa-tts folder, then cd into it, then:
npm install
node ./get-cookies-txt.js

The script does the rest.


ah, oke thanks. i did understand that wrong then.
ill try that.


hmm, i cant get it to work.
it keeps saying: cannot find module ‘cookie’


You have to do
npm install from the directory where package.json is and it will install the dependencies


oke thanks ill try again.
i got errors on that at first as well and needed to install some stuff, maybe i did mess up afterwards.


What about something like this?


no luck for me.
i tried to change everything to but it doesnt want to do the automatic and when it tries to use the proxy i get redirected to

i tried to change the .com inside proxy.js but that doesnt work either.


Do you have some more clear docs about how to use it? I tried but without clear docs it’s quite impossible at least for me to use this to get cookies…


Which could be the hierarchy of the folder to save all those scripts?


Cookies expired and cannot get anymore the script running… i need to renew the cookies, but unsuccesfully… did not get the capctha!


Nope sorry. i just found it googling, no experience with it


its the same one that voronenko uses.
i couldnt get it to work. :frowning:


How to get working cookies manually? If i disable javascript for i get no page so cannot get the cookies… I am using a chrome extension to get the cookies from that page, but no result… no captcha, no cookies !


use firefox with the extention cookies.txt


Has anybody gotten tts to work on Echo Spot? Only my other echo devices seem to work.


I also can’t get past the cookies part…
I got the cookies, first using Chrome, then afterwards I used FireFox after reading the forum - but no luck.
It keep saying that the cookies are expired…


did you use the right extention?

@AZDane sorry got no spot, so cant tell you.


what you mean with right extension?
I use - that i normally use


i mean the right addon. rhere are several to retrieve cookies in firefox, and most of them dont work.
this one does.


thanks ReneTode,

I tried it with this add-on
unfortunately no luck
keeps saying cookie expired…

so first it says cookie expired … and then after a while it says /tmp/.alexa.cookie: no such file or directory
Where to I need to have this cookie? I thought it was in the config directory…