Alexa cannot detect devices after linking custom skill

Hi guys,

Using Home Assistant Docker Install on Synology.
Use Alexa to voice control the devices I add on HA.
After this step, will be moving on to scripts and automations I suppose.

I’ve successfully followed the YouTube video which is essentially going through the steps in this doc right?
Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill - Home Assistant.

  1. So i’m at the point where I successfully did a lambda test (and pulled in all the devices that HA is showing)
  2. Connected the custom skill inside of the Alexa phone app (so all the account linking, https stuff is done successfully right?)
  3. scan devices but at this point, nothing shows up.

According to the video, that’s all I need to do but looking at the documentation and the example HA configuration.yaml, do I actually need to write the devices in the file? If I need to, I did a test code like so:

    locale: en-US
        - light.dining_lights

        name: "Dining Lights"
        description: "The light in the kitchen"

And then I tried reconnecting again on the Alexa App. Still nothing. What am I missing? Do I need to manually write each entity or do I actually not need to? Thanks.

Also, the included_entities line. This input takes the entity ID and not the name…right? Just to clarify.


See if this helps.

I’m having the same issue running it on HassOS.
The lambda is returning the device list, I was able to link the custom skill to my home assistant but scan can’t find any devices.


I needed to choose the right region in AWS to match. (I changed from us-west-2 to us-east-1) or something like that.