Alexa device not responding on first try

Hello, this is my first post :slight_smile:
Few days ago I’ve connected to Nabu Casa and now I have the same issue. It happens that Alexa answers immediately, it happens that it says that device is not responding (nevertheless it executes the action, for example turns lights off). Sometimes Alexa just confirms an action and does nothing. It is completely random when the issue occurs.
My Home Assistant is on Docker, wired LAN connection, installed on Debian on old Mac Mini. There are few custom configurations on my network (f.e. AdGuard Home, Traefik, some DNS rewrite rules). Before I had port on my router forwarded to Home Assistant and everything was working perfectly. Then I switched to Nabu Casa (because of security reasons, I do not want to expose any ports to Internet) and Alexa is not reliable any more. I hope that the issue will be fixed, because I liked Nabu Casa and I really do not want to resign from it! :slight_smile:


Got pretty much the same issue as others… device unresponsive but does work. Subsequent commands mostly work ok until it’s left for a little while then the issue will repeat again.

Not sure what I can do to help but if you require anything please let me know.

Just like here, after I switched to #Nabucasa these problems came up, but in my case it wasn’t right away, it took a few weeks for that to show up. It seems that there is a history that accumulates and then the problems begin. But between security and asking twice, it’s better to ask twice and keep my house safe. I already need to ask my son 2 or more times to do the routines at home, so I should be used to it. hahahahaha

Add me to the list of users who is experiencing issues with the Nabu Casa/Alexa integration.

It does seem to have gotten worse over time. I regularly get a mixture of “device is not responding” or issues with lonnnngggggg delays in the device operating.

Sometimes things are virtually instantaneous, but more times than not I have issues. It’s getting to the point where it’s unusable and I might look at cancelling my Nabu Casa subscription :frowning:

I’ll pile on with the same issue, plus… sometimes I’ll say “Alexa, turn on kitchen lights” and get a response “there is more than one device with the name kitchen lights” then 2 minutes later it works just fine.

This particular error is an Amazon problem that typically happens if you have lights that share the same name as the room they are in (EX: lights named “kitchen lights” in a room named “kitchen”). And yes, this error can be random (does not always happen).

The other problems (long delays, “not responding”, “doesn’t support that”, have been traced to Nabu Casa.

Thanks. I’ll change the room name and see what happens.

I also have the same as being reported here. Has been happening for the last couple of months.

Going through Nabu Casa and Alexa mostly responds with ‘the [deviceName] is not responding.

Seems like the Nabu Casa team is working on it for those of us using their integration: Frequent Nabu Cloud timeouts with both Alexa and Google Home HA Skills · Issue #298 · NabuCasa/hass-nabucasa · GitHub

I have the same issue since months. In random mode, but now more and more frequently asking Alexa to do something on a device can either:

  • wait few seconds and get the “The device xxxx is not responding”
  • do absolutely nothing (worse) e.g. like the command succeeded.

If I immediately reissue the command to Google, I got the message “Sorry, at the moment I can’t access to Home Assistant Cloud by Nabu Casa”. This is the same behaviour also if I start the command on Google, got the Nabu Casa error and immediately retry on Alexa and got the “device non responding” error message.

So this clearly shows that the issue is not Alexa or Amazon or Google, but the Nabu Casa hosting system. I hope that Nabu Casa team fix quickly the issue, or they risk a lot of starting loosing all the customers that will move to other working solutions.

Was there any change today? I’ve had alot of the same issues for months getting progressively worse but seemed to improve today, no delays at all. I updated core last night a but nothing in the release notes about that

Same issue still today. As others noted - started Q3 last year but now its constant (last few weeks, ie, Jan 2022).

could be due to this today though. Amazon Web Services down? Realtime overview of AWS status, issues and outages | Downdetector

This is my issue! I’ve been pulling my hair out, and yes its gotten worse.

Heck I just noticed on my alexa app, all my home assistant devices go offline every 10 seconds or so.

I too have a complete unfi network deployment at my house.

HI, I have also been experiencing the same issues. Getting worse, unfortunately. This has been going on for at least 3 months now. Really hoping for a resolution.

I have the same problem, I have integration with nabucasa and it’s been more than 3 months that my commands for Alexa take a long time to be executed, and it was never like that, they were executed immediately. I’m going crazy with this. If I run it directly via homeassistant, it runs immediately.

Nabu Casa has recognized this issue and it has to do with their servers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean a fix is on its way. I suggest e-mail Nabu Casa and threatening to cancel.

I don’t threatening people is the best way forward. Come on man…

They’re aware of the issue, and at last check a fix should be implemented next month. If you can’t wait, do the manual integration for now.

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I’ve been testing the new relayer last night and this morning and it’s working out well. It’s still in progress but looking good. Still shooting for before the end of the month, but encouraging others to submit tickets isn’t going to make it go faster.


My problems with slow and intermittent connections to NC have continued and this morning, I’m locked out. I don’t use Alexa.

Frustrating as we use HA to open our garage door, and it’s 10 below today.

I know the drill - I have to get into my HA server locally by wifi, close and reestablish the server connection to NC manually; then I can get in over NC again via the net. This happens every few days.

I just submitted (another) ticket to NC on this problem (admittedly OT to this thread). I really need NC to work reliably.