Alexa italy

How to activate Alexa skill in Italy?

who can publish the skill on

Currently there is no skill, and it is not possible to use that of .com

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No one can help Alexa in italy?

I’m looking too to get Home assistant Alexa skill in Italy

Try to follow this thread

@woody4165 ok thank you

I managed to connect the HA skill from at this link

How did you get into
Everytime I try to reach it switches me to

OK, I’ve done it with this link

Hi @Hat3

have you tried to use Alexa as TTS device as explained here?


Hello @woody4165

Interesting, tomorrow i’ll read thw thread and I’m looking what is possible to do, thank you for the link!

I tell you if i can do something

I can not forget the objects found at Alexa, have they changed something in the app?

What do you mean “can not forget the objects” ?

Once you have added the skill to Alexa, you could know the objects you chose in the cloud -> alexa -> filter
Every time you made a change, you had to forget the objects and search for them to load the new configuration.
now it is no longer possible to enter the Alexa HA skill

from here after redirect to (you need to be logged in in you can manage your object in

it’s funny, from app does not work!