Alexa not discovering fans

I am using the “easy” Home Assistant Cloud option for Alexa Integration. I am having some trouble in getting Alexa to discover ANY device in the fan domain. I can include light devices just fine and Alexa discovers them, however none of my real fans (Haiku / Big Ass Fan L series models) or even a template fan I setup for testing are being discovered. I can see the “alexa.discovery” message getting published whenever I run discovery al and I can see data related to my template fan as well as my real fans being sent, but Alexa says no new devices were discovered. I created a new template light just to make sure that ANYTHING new was being discovered and yes - she picks up the new device.

Has something changed with the way Amazon expects to see fans which is causing device detection to fail? Why would other devices be discovered just fine but fans aren’t found?

I guess I can create template lights to allow Alexa to control on/off and speed of these fans, but that seems like an odd thing to have to do since fans are supposedly supported?

Looks like this already being discussed here: Fan Domain and Alexa through Nabu Casa

Possible fixes here:
and here:

I suppose those will be in the November update