Alexa says that device is not responding


Since sometime yesterday (I think) and certainly today I have been experiencing problems with asking Alexa to control devices.

If I ask Alexa to turn something on or off she will achieve this but will say that ‘device x is not responding’

Is this something to do with the maintenance at Nabu Casa or is it something more local to me?


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No fix, sorry, but I’m also having the exact same experience today, so not just yourself.

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Thanks for letting me know. Not many people seem to be mentioning this. I wonder what it could be.

There was announcement in ha that they will today upgrade equipment.

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There’s a small thread on Reddit with people experiencing the same thing… Hopefully this thread gets some attention if they don’t already know.

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Others Reporting It
Here’s another thread that it’s being reported in today.
Old thread with new replies, I should add.

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I too am having the same problem. I went to and removed all devices and then pressed discover and its not discovering any HA devices/entities.
I thought I saw something yesterday about some infrastructure updates happening Oct 27 or 28 - don’t remember which. Maybe its related to that.


Hi. All entities that are supposed to sync with Alexa are without function for at least 4 hours. They are all shown as “unavailable” in the Alexa app. So obviously the “Home Assistant Skill” has a big problem since the maintenance. This is one of the main features of the Nabu Casa subscription. So please push this post accordingly if you have the same problem. Thank you.

Same here too, noticed it this morning but only got round to troubleshooting now.

Restarted Home Assistant, no change. Disabled and re-enabled the HA skill, no change. Removed a device and tried discovering new devices, it wasn’t found. Removed that device from Alexa section of Home Assistant Cloud and added back and ran discovery again, and it was found, but immediately says “there was a problem” again.

The power button in the Alexa app is able to toggle lights on, but not off.

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I’m having the same problem.


I suppose that means this should clear up by 6 am UTC - which is 10 hours ago

I posted a link to this thread in on GitHub. Hopefully something will be communicated soon

Actually I just got home from work and it all seems ok now…

Mine too. It’s seem that every is back to normal.

Yay! All good again!