All Z-wave switches get added as switch.swtch_n

I am new to HA, but long-time user of SmartThings and z-wave devices (I have about 30 devices around my house on z-wave).

I’m in the process of migrating them over to HA which is running on an IntelNUC with the HUSBZB-1 z-wave/zigbee stick.

As I add each switch (GE/Jasco on/off switches), they get entity IDs assigned as
where n increments with each switch I have.

I’ve renamed the nodes to assign friendly names to them, with the final result looking like so:

old_entity_id: switch.desk_lamp_switch_4_0
new_entity_id: switch.desk_lamp_switch
friendly_name: desk_lamp Switch

However, in node-red, I am unable to use the old_entity_id or new_entity_id to identify the switch. I have to use switch.switch_n. is there any way I can have the entity be named something better?

See this thread - it’s a bug introduced in 0.63.


For anyone searching, the “fix” is after you’ve added the device, go into entity_registry.yaml and edit the name there. For example chage:

  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 41-72057594730594304


  platform: zwave
  unique_id: 41-72057594730594304

then restart home assistant

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There’s a PR in to update the docs, since apparently this is by design now. Hopefully it’ll get merged soon and others will know what they need to do.