Allow exposing sensors as temperature or humidity 'climate' devices to Google Assistant

Support for this was added in 0.62. Can someone please share how to configure this, I can’t get it working. You can see more info about this feature here:

Note, I have the Google Assistant component working with lights and switches. I tried adding “sensor” to my list of exposed domains and it does not seem to work. I am using mqtt sensor for temperature and added the config below to my customize.yaml as instructed at the link above. When I resync my devices, nothing new shows up in the Google Assistant app settings under Home Control.

#add 2 spaces at beginning of lines below
google_assistant: true
google_assistant_type: climate
google_assistant_name: sensor2

OK, the issue was not needing to define anything in customize.yaml… and also defining proper “entity_config” items under the “google_assistant” config in configuration.yaml. See this thread:


Did you get to fix this? I’m also struggling with the same issue. Thanks

Anyone?? I’ve been trying to set this up with no luck 'till now. My sensor just doesn’t show on the device list.

@rofrantz… could you give us a hand here? Thanks mate!

did you follow the directions in the documentation?

What aspect are you struggling with?

I’m running Google Assistant via Home Assistant Cloud on Hassio.

After setting my sensor as a climate device and resyncing it should show up on the device list. It doesn’t. All the other devices are working perfectly.

Yeah, you are looking at the wrong thread then my friend. This is the google assistant component that is used without cloud.

This is the cloud documentation, notice how the configuration is completely different?

Unfortunate thing is the documentation doesn’t mention if it supports sensors.

The real take away is that the information in this thread has nothing to do with your issue.

I think you’re missing something. The OP refers to a github PR that was added to HA in v0.62 and what he mentions is the exact same issue I’m having.

Anyway… I’ve read both the manual and HA cloud implement pages several times before posting, trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Here’s hoping someone will be able to shed some light on this.

Thanks anyway :+1:

And what you aren’t understanding is the link in the original post is linked towards the component google assistant. Not the cloud component with google assistant. They are not the same. The change linked in the original post is only for the google assistant component.

Google assistant change:

The google assistant component even says to not get this confused with the cloud:

For anyone finding this thread, this post helped me get temperature inquiries from Google Assistant working:

I’m still working on the humidity piece, but I now have all my zwave temperature sensors giving me results in Google Assistant.

As I had multiple sensors to add, I’ll save you the hassle of reboots and let you know you can reuse your input_boolean.fake_heater for every sensor.


Sorry my bad english …
Thanks for the directions, it works now, but the temperature accuracy is 0.5 when I put 0.1 on the climate
you can help me?