AM43-0.45/40-ES-EB zigbee

hi, cant found the way to pairing with zigbee2mqtt, somebody have this device paired?

Hey there, I have the same device but I am not able to get into pairing mode

same time, set botton and down botton, and led flash blue, works with zigbee2mqtt.

Hi, I have exact same device and I have same issue. Are there any special preconditions to enable pairing mode. Can you describe a full process from switch ON point?

My device is from 2019 and chip used is bluenrg-1

I have the same challenge. I have a Sonoff zigbee ZBBridge but can not get the two AM43 into pairing mode. Any advice would be appreciated.

BlueNRG1 is a Bluetooth SoC, not Zigbee.

Hi all,
I have the same devices.
But I have a few older ones with a BLE chip. I tried many options add them to HA ( -> does not work with multiple devices in range.
And chip replacement for ESP-07 ( -> low battery life.

I would like to buy a zigbee chip TYZS3 with software for AM43 and replace it with a BLE.
Where can I get them?

Thank you.

Is there a chance to have a picture of the PCB with zigbee module fitted?

This could be a hint.