Amazon Smart Outlet integrated into HA

My HA doesn’t seem to recognize this Amazon smart outlet I have. Does anyone know an easy way for me to get this integrated? I want to have a button on my dashboard to turn the outlet on and off. I do it now from Alexa and I’m trying to get everything onto my HA dashboard. This looks like the last piece of the puzzle. TY!

Alexa doesn’t like to share… maybe this kind of thing will be fixed for future devices with Matter, but who knows?

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That particular plug wont be fixed with matter. But yeah basically that’s the core problem Matter solves. You just need gear that can do it.

@brown33 with home automation, device model matters we need to know EXACT model of a device to discuss the best way to integrate (or if it’s even possible) but if that’s one of a million generic wifi plugs that ‘supports Alexa’ it will come down to the fact that you either link back through the original vendors cloud or flash the device and take it over so it can link up with HA directly (yes severing the link to the original vendor)

But you may have an easier time with a different device. Amazon doesn’t really want to relinquish control and they are basically a walled garden.

TY all. It’s an Amazon Basics smart outlet. Part HPKA42CWBAMZ.

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