Amcrest Doorbell AD110 API/Local Only

Nice. Any chance of making an addon version for those running supervised?

I’d be happy to contribute to your coffee fund if an add-on were published. Pending that it’d be nice to see it published to a docker registry for use in as an example.

Nice work, none the less.

Thanks Doug, it’s published here: I don’t use Portainer but you should be able to add that hopefully?

Ironically I’m currently battling a problem with another add-on I’ve created: and I’m very limited on time but I will take a look at creating an add-on from this soon if there’s demand.


You should create your own thread for this project so people can post with suggestions/comments and link to that thread in this one for further discussion.

Like I have it running atm and I have noticed the motion sensor seems to trigger far more than the original amcrest integration so I am not sure if your motion sensor is the pir or motion and if it’s just motion it seems to trigger a lot when there is none. etc

I’ll move this comment to your new thread if you create one.

Deployed on Portainer perfectly. Thanks

Running on Portainer as well gonna try making an Add-On


Thanks! Feel free to send a PR to the repo if you want to include the add-on in there?

Dude! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Works great in portainer!

Can this addon now trigger an event on HA when pressed om the ring button?

FYI just installed my AD110 today, your MQTT docker works great. Thank-you so much… I have mixed feelings about this doorbell already but at least we can get those commands!

You say you are tired of waiting for official support? what is stopping you from submitting a pull request to add this to HAs mainline code if you were able to build your own solution?

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Really good news on this topic! An add-on would be great.

I am not the most advanced user so I need some basic help here. I already have Portainer running on my HA. I added a Container with all required specifications. The container was deployed and it is now running.

What do I have to do next? What do I have to add to my configuration.yaml file to watch the events?

@dchesterton any tips?

Same here, please help us.

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Does anyone know what should I do after deploying the container?

After running it on Portainer you don’t have to do much. You just go to configurations and search for integrations with MQTT, it will show there. All the entities appeared automatically.

This all looks very promising - but I am having trouble with even the basic Amcrest integration - I get a log in error every time. Since folks on this thread seem to be very knowledgable of Amcrest, I thought I would drop in and see if you can help.

  • I am 100% certain I have the login information correct in the config
  • I can log in, out, and back into the app using the same credentials in the config
  • Everything seems to work fine via the Amcrest app.
  • I cannot log into Customer Login with these credentials - no idea if this is part of the problem. I only have one set of credentials.

What happens when you access the api through a browser? It’ll respond via port 80 so you just could put something like:


Changing the ip to yours, obviously. You should get a login prompt from the browser first time you do this - enter your credentials there. Username is always admin and password is whatever you set when you first configured the device.

If that works - the above command will return details of the network config for the camera - then you know the basic api auth is working and next step is to find out why your container can’t do the same (it uses the exact same commands). If not, then you have an auth problem and aren’t using the right credentials.

Well, that did it - I was using the email (with which I established the account with) as the Username. Does everyone lust leave it as admin, or is there a way to change it?

I don’t know about you but this doorbell is full of problems! The app doesn’t work well.

Although it does not seem to be defective, the equipment does not work properly. There is a huuuuge delay between the moment when someone presses the button and the time I receive the call. It can take about 5 minutes for that to happen. So normally, by the time I pick up the call, the person is gone! In other situations, there is a big delay to talk to the person on my door. I talk, I wait many seconds, the person answers, I talk, I wait a a lot again.

Another annoying problem is that, in most times when a person presses the call button, I only receive a notification on my cell phone tablet and other devices. A few times it works properly and, instead of just sending a notification, it pops-up a call window where I can accept or reject the call. Even when this window pops-up, sometimes I click on the green icon to accept the call and it tries to connect to the device for ages without success.

When I add the doorbell camera to Synology Surveillance Station, the delay is even worse.

I wouldn’t recommend this product even to my worst enemy :neutral_face: :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

That hasn’t been my experience with it, or others. It’s possible the specific unit you have is defective, or there’s something in your environment that doesn’t agree with it.

My button press notifications are nearly instant via MQTT for example. I don’t use the Amcrest app (I fire off text notifications via BI and this addon) which also might be part of your problem - the Amcrest app relies on a cloud proxy for communications like Ring, etc. do and that never works well with doorbell notifications in my experience.

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I don’t believe that there’s a way to change it.