Amcrest Doorbell AD110 API/Local Only

So I want to start out with underlining how important the next sentence is when it comes to this product.

Should always exercise caution when messing with anything when it comes to this doorbell and changing things via the API is no exception.

There is already at least one other topic on this on this forum here.

I bought this doorbell back in January 2020 in hopes of having a local only HA integrated video doorbell. I bricked one but the second one has held up so far and been quite nice. I only had 3 goals for this device… Local only, Feed video stream to something like Motioneye and pull doorbell presses into Home Assistant. So far I managed to achieve just that. I am sharing what I have done and my setup incase it happens to help anyone else in any way.

My doorbell is running off the initial firmware that was on it when I bought it (Sorry don’t remember what it is currently) and I know there has been at least 3-4 firmware upgrades since so I don’t know if the api is the same or even still accessible with the newer firmware. I did run across a post by an Amcrest employee stating that Amcrest was moving towards a no end user access to the api so If any of what I post works for you, upgrading at some point could end up causing it to stop.

I do use the Amcrest platform with this doorbell which does give me online status as well as pir and access to the stream which I don’t utilize the stream but utilize the other two.

I looked through the official Amcrest/Dahua API (which does not include the doorbell) to steer me in the right direction. Much of it does work with this doorbell. The important part was finding out how to list the config options that way you can get an accurate list of all the things you want to change through the API.


This opened up everything I needed to achieve my goals such as changing the NTP for local polling of time.

http://<AD110-IP>/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&NTP.Address=<ip or url to time server>

I use Chrony to serve up time to my local network devices.
I went ahead and disabled a few other settings that indicated to attempting to reach outside my network.




Now to be clear, I cut off access to the internet to this device through my router so some of this is redundant but I went ahead and did it anyway. This will also cause the blue ring light around the button of the doorbell to flash 4 times, pause then start over. But I have a fix for that! (This is different than the Online status you get through the Amcrest platform)


Unfortunately I had discovered after a day or two that the ring would start blinking again. I suspect it has something to do with some internal script I can’t access randomly checking if there is an update available for the doorbell and thus triggering the Online status back to false when it fails. In the config you can find the url for the update server but I did not see any way to disable it. So to combat this I simply made a binary rest sensor, a shell command and automation in HA to check the Online status and reset it if need be.

Binary Sensor:

- platform: rest
  scan_interval: 14400
  resource: http://<AD110-IP>/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=getConfig&name=VSP_PaaS.Online
  username: !secret amcrest-username
  password: !secret amcrest-password
  authentication: digest
  name: Amcrest Doorbell Online Light
  device_class: light
  value_template: >

The scan_interval is completely optional, I have mine to only check once every 4 hours, if the doorbell was to reset the online status at the wrong time my light would blink for 4 hours and I can live with that.

Shell Command:

doorbell_online_light: "curl -u username:password -X GET --digest 'http://<AD110-IP>/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&VSP_PaaS.Online=true'"

Then I use an automation that checks the status of the Binary Sensor and uses the Shell Command to reset the Online status back to true.

The next hurdle was pulling doorbell presses into HA. Some use a device attached to the chime to detect if the doorbell was pressed and others may use something else but I really wanted to just make the API work and oh boy did Dahua(cause lets face it this is a Dahua doorbell) did this wonky. The only thing I could find in the API that changes when the doorbell is pressed is


It appears to cycle through the numbers 0-9, in fact it can even change to the same number if the doorbell is pressed again in a short duration of time. I tackled this using a rest sensor, automation and an input bool which is completely optional.

Rest Sensor:

- platform: rest
  resource: http://<AD110-IP>/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=getConfig&name=CallInfo
  username: !secret amcrest-username
  password: !secret amcrest-password
  authentication: digest
  name: Amcrest Doorbell Count Sensor
  value_template: >

In the automation set the trigger to the rest sensor state and leave the fields blank so any change would make it trigger, I added two conditions to prevent false triggers incase connection dropped and the sensor went to unavailable.

not trigger.to_state.state == 'unavailable'
not trigger.from_state.state == 'unavailable'

In my automation I have it trigger an input bool then turn it back off just so I can tally the amount of times the doorbell has been pressed.

Because I do not use the Amcrest app at all with this doorbell I did add me another shell command to reboot the doorbell should I ever need to.

Shell Command

doorbell_reboot: "curl -u username:password -X GET --digest 'http://<AD110-IP>/cgi-bin/magicBox.cgi?action=reboot'"

You can also adjust the PIR as well as change how the IR lights act through the api, those are listed in the Amcrest/Dahua documentation listed above. I had ultimately unplugged the IR lights on my device as I didn’t need them but you can adjust them through the api.

And with that I managed to tackle all I wanted from this product. Some hoops for sure but given the price and security of it being 100% local it was well worth it for me. I have been running this setup for a few months now without issue.I hope this helps someone and if anyone has any improvement ideas I am certainly all ears.