Amd64 hassio supervisor container keeps crashing

Running HA on ubuntu 16.04 on amd64 machine with kernal 4.13 using docker no problem

Then I went to add

I ran the install script and all seemed fine.

The systemd services where created and enabled and the amd64 supervisor image was pulled and a container made and started.

The issue is the container immediately crashes. If I watch (with portainer) I can see a new container being made brought up and then that crashes and over and over. I assume the systemd hassio supervisor service must be deleting and recreating the container.?? Anyway without the supervisor container running properly there is no “hassio” in the HA web interface.

Anyone had a similar issue on the same platform? Any reasons why it might be doing this? Any suggestions?

I had a similar issue.
I think it is related to hassio Issue 497
Steps taken to fix.

su -
curl -sL | bash -s

Yup that was may 18. On a new install this January the issue is gone.