Supervisor Container Crashes In A Loop

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I’ve used the following command

sudo curl -sL | bash -s

to install home assistant with the supervisor on a Ubuntu machine (with docker).

Because I didn’t specify a docker version when installing docker before, I had issues with docker version 20.x

I uninstalled the current docker version and chose the 19.3.x version because this one worked for me on a different machine in the past.

Now, when I try to run the script mentioned above, the 10s timer runs but then the script stops without any output, no errors, nothing.

Deleting the deletable hassio folders didn’t solve the problem, neither did a reboot do.


New problems:

After configuring netplan in the config file, the script ran fine.

But now, the first required docker container (hassio-supervisor) attempts to start and then crashes in a loop. This happened everytime the machine has been rebooted.

Is there a way to fix this issue or to check what keeps the container from starting correctly? I found something similar here.