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A true black Home Assistant theme for devices with AMOLED displays


1. Desktop

2. Mobile


  1. Make sure that under the configuration.yaml file you have the following:
  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes
  1. Under the Home Assistant Config folder, create a new folder named themes
  2. Restart Home assistant to apply the changes.

HACS installation

  1. Go into the Community Store (HACS)
  2. Search for Google Dark Theme
  3. Open the theme
  4. Press Install

Manual installation

  1. In the Home assistant themes folder, create a file named amoled_blue.yaml
  2. In this GitHub repo, go into the themes folder, open the amoled_blue.yaml file and copy the content
  3. Paste the content in the amoled_blue.yaml file created under your Home Assistant themes folder

Enable theme

  1. Open your Home Assistant Profile
  2. Under, Themes, select the new AMOLED Blue Theme

Custom Header settings

When using the Custom Header plugin, add the following to make sure that the header matches the theme.

  compact_mode: true
  background: var(--app-header-background-color)
  elements_color: var(--app-header-text-color)
  active_tab_color: var(--state-icon-active-color)
  tab_indicator_color: var(--state-icon-active-color)

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Hi, can you tell what you mean by Config folder? There is no such folder, should I create one? Where? Can you tell in relation to configure.yaml. I created themes folder there but I cannot choose any theme in profile.

the config folder is the folder where you have your configuration.yaml file. It doesn’t necessarily have to be called config.

Yeah I thought it might be but it didnt work whatever the include path was. I just pasted the theme in themes.yaml and included that and then it worked

I used this and it worked:

themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes/

:tada: Release 1.1


  • material-background-color
  • material-secondary-background-color


  • ha-card-border-radius value