An easy, efficient, effective, good looking interface

IMHO - The HA UI is lacking. It looks dated and wastes a lot of real estate, especially on mobile screens. I want an interface I, and we, can be proud of, can show off to our friends, and enjoy to look at and use. Something like this:

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There’s a thread about Dashboard UI.

You can install it by following instructions.

Please note that you will need to manually add your lights and sensors into the dashboard once you copy the example.erb file to create a new custom dashboard. You can even create multiple dashboards if you want to have them show for different tablets and smartphone-sized screens that can be mounted in wall.

I’ve never done this myself, but will plan to do it, so it is going to be quite a learning curve. So in my opinion, the frontend should be left as-is. Consider the front-end as a backend for diagnosis or if you’ve added new devices, for example.

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Thanks - that seems like a side project to HA and a little complicated. I’d like something built into HA - a GUI that supports theme/skins, that any user can easily setup and even modify.

That’s actually 2 separate dashboards. The first is in development and will need to be paid for when it is available. The second is ready now for no cost.

Ha… I must have gotten confused (grid-based) and did not read the entire thread. Thanks.

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Mine is looking like this, on my phone and tablet… different versions :slight_smile:

Pay version? That’s one of the reasons I left the smart things community - everyone was driven to nickel and dime you. I’ll take a product built free by a bunch of people who love what their doing versus someone just trying to make a buck.

Can you send a web link to this ui?

Thanks but Klwp is an android thing not specific to home assistant. I’m looking for the ha devs to make a kick ass interface or provide a low cost (i.e. learning curve, time investment) way for users to do it

I guess everybody dream for kick ass interface just falling from the sky and ready to use… but nobody is gonna do it for free and for you…
There is already ways and guide to develop your own ha front-end but it’s not a simple task.

Here you go:

And don’t forget to share the result!

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And just to be clear, I am the author of the free to use currently implemented dashboard and have nothing to do with the paid one in development :slight_smile:


I’m curious what you thought would happen as a result of your post?

In case it’s not clear to you, you’ve come here to complain that a free product doesn’t look the way you wish it did. Then you seem to be offended that someone may want to get paid for the time and effort they’ve spent to give you what you want. How is any of this helpful?

It’s pretty easy: if you can build the UI of your dreams, then build it yourself for free. If you can’t, then you’ll either need to learn how, or pay to have someone do it for you. If neither of those options is acceptable, then you have the fully functioning default Home-Assistant UI to use.


I don’t think that was the only point. Having a more customizable and skinnable frontend will be great. Introducing the ability to change the layout/colours/fonts or even using own icons will be a great step forward. I think that this is something only the core team can change.
So as a feature request why not. I would also add my vote for this. A beautifull UI will surely bring more members into the community

I agree that a skinnable / themable UI would be great. So would things like simplified configuration, or automated updates. However, none of these things build themselves, and all of them are obvious things to spend time on in the future. However, what we all have in HA is an exceptionally capable system—FOR FREE—that is in its early stages and has some rough edges.

For someone to come in and say, essentially, “I don’t like the way this looks and I’m not willing to pay for an alternative or offer to help with the work” is kind of rude. This happens way too much lately, in all aspects of life: “I want this thing of value that took heaps of effort, and I don’t want to pay for it. You should want to provide it for free me because I deserve it.”

In addition to being very handy, Home-Assistant saves me real money each and every month by (for example) shutting off power consuming devices at night. It does this for FREE. I’m a little embarrassed that haven’t given some of that money back to the project.

Now, would I like a slick UI? Of course. But until I can help build one (unlikely), or buy one, I’ll stick with the standard UI. I won’t come here complaining about a “lacking” and “dated” UI under the guise of a feature request.


If this happens too much lately - this means this is something to be put on notice for the core devs. HA is free and great but there is a bunch of other really great free alternatives like OH or Domoticz or others. Having a great UI will attract more new members so we can expect even better growth for HA and as we are both discussing this on HA board - we do believe it is a superior in some or other way system.

Closing this topic as it is not a constructive feature request or discussion.

@tonydew is right here.

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