Android 13 tablet


I have Android 13 tablet that by the specs supports Zigbee:

I tried to add it using the standard Zigbee Home Automation integration but I’m not sure it is in pairing mode.

Any idea how to turn it on or see what is the device status?

I’m willing to bet it’s not a Zigbee end device, but actually that it has a Zigbee hub built into it meant to be able to pair and control other Zigbee devices.

If it is a hub is there a native (or app) to allow devices to join it?
I’m actually interested if it is possible to make it a repeater. My Zigbee devices connects to HA server.

I have no idea. I tried looking up specs for it and I couldn’t find anything. There might be some app or setting in the device itself, but if it’s a Zigbee hub, unless you can figure out the radio type and stack firmware, chances are you aren’t going to be able to flash it to make it a router device.

I would say it would be explained in the manual, but seeeing where it comes from is guaranteed for flaky manual quality.
Technically its pretty interesting device with all kinds of ports and POE. If it werent that expensive i would consider one to play around with

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The Zigbee integration in Home Assistant uses an open-source Python library, and I’m not aware of Home Assistant being able to run on an Android-based OS. As for a repeater, I’d just buy a Zigbee AC switch and plug it into a nearby wall socket, even if you don’t use it. Most Zigbee plugs will repeat a signal as long as they are using utility power. Something like these:

Frist try to find the app on the device that has any resemblemse to zigbee related stuff. I know sonoff has ways to make a bridge behave like a repeater, but ti all depends on available software and that should be ON the device.
If it exposes webserivces, then using it with MQTT could be an option, but first you need to dig into the option on the tablet it self

Did you buy this tablet with the intention of using as a Zigbee hub/router?

If so, did you do any research first? Zigbee products are tricky enough at the best of times. New Zigbee product from AliExpress are a nightmare. “Zigbee” on the box means nothing.

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As mentioned, unless it is a Zigbee Router device or a Zigbee End Device then you can not add it as a Zigbee device to the ZHA Zigbee Gateway integration. You probably need to check with the manufacturer.

So if it is in Zigbee Coordinator mode today (i.e. it has Zigbee Coordinator) then you either have to figure out if the manufacturer has an option to allow you to switch it over to Zigbee Router device or a Zigbee End Device mode, or you would have to hack it by manually reflashing the firmware (which would normally require you opening it and flashing it SWD using something like a J-Link JTAG debug adapter )

PS: FYI, “Sonoff NSPanel Pro” from ITead is a smallar but similar product and it ships Zigbee Coordinator firmware at it is meant to act as a stand-alone Zigbee Gateway, but year the manufacturer released an official firmware update for it that added a new feature to allow the user to switch it over to Zigbee Router mode, but note that it then only acts as a dumb repeater/extender and does not expose attributes as entities in Home Assistant. See → Sonoff NSPanel Pro fw V2.2.0 / ZigBee Router Feature added