Android application doesn't use the correct Thread network


I am trying to use Matter & Thread integration,

I have a border router that is running with the patches from here:

From my computer, in home assistant website i can create a thread network, the network has these information’s:

Network name: home-assistant
Channel: 15
Dataset id: 01H617030HBNXC3KSBH487VZ35
Pan id: 9c57
Extended Pan id: 99ea6d6547bb270f
Active dataset TLVs: 0e080000000000010000000300000f35060004001fffe0020899ea6d6547bb270f0708fde36563cb6eb36105105840eb530d343fb90843b4b76cb4e8f3030e686f6d652d617373697374616e7401029c570410e90ee2f8462811389d9a5b25e07a23820c0402a0f7f8

When I try to commission a matter device using the Last android application, I can see on the logs of the device that the app is ALWAYS using the wrong dataset, its using the default demo dataset:

D: 108583 [DL]   Network Name: OpenThreadDemo
D: 108583 [DL]   PAN Id: 0x1234
D: 108584 [DL]   Extended PAN Id: 0x1111111122222222
D: 108585 [DL]   Channel: 15
D: 108585 [DL]   Mesh Prefix: fd29:bbef:246a:4a56::/64
D: 108588 [DL]OpenThread State Changed (Flags: 0x1100101d)
D: 108588 [DL]   Device Role: DETACHED
D: 108588 [DL]   Thread Unicast Addresses:
D: 108589 [DL]        fd29:bbef:246a:4a56:c389:3595:7d49:a463/64 valid
D: 108590 [DL]        fe80::84c5:9cd4:faa:edd3/64 valid preferred

It’s not possible currently to use the dataset from “thread integration” during a matter commissioning ?

Also for a software like homeassistant, I think it should be more flexible to use the matter SDK for the commissioning instead of the system (google/apple) API’s. Homeassistant will be able to manage itself the certificates so the user will be able to add/remove it’s own autorities. (without any internet connection)


The Android app would previously only send Thread credentials to the system once, so if they changed after that the system would continue to use old, outdated credentials. This week’s beta release (2023.7.7) includes a fix for it.

Alternatively you can delete all data for Google Play Services, which holds all Thread credentials. This will force apps to send new credentials. Keep in mind though that this will also clear things like your Google Pay cards and you’ll have to wait several minutes while it downloads Matter/Thread support in the background.

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