Android device geocoded location not updating

Hello! I recently installed home assistant at home and after logging in from the android app I noticed the ‘geocoded location’ entity never updates, even if the location is updating. I removed the device and logged in again and it registered only once to the location I was, and never updated again. I couldn’t find any post about this :frowning: Any ideas? Is this already reported? Thanks!

Double check that you have background data enabled in the app configuration page.

I do :slight_smile:

The devices reports positions properly, I can see it in the map, but the geocoded location is stuck.

do any of these points help?

I have the same issue. Location is updated, but the Geocoded Location is never updated.

I have Oneplus 8 pro

I have the same problem. The GPS updating on the map but the battery state/charge, geocoded location and the wifi connection info don’t after I leave home, they are stuck at the last state when i was on wifi. If I want to update it, I have to close the app from the background and open it again. The dns settings are correct, I can connect to HA from wifi and mobile data and the GPS coordinate updating well in the background without any additional step so I don’t think it can be a problem.

Open a bug on github and describe all the steps you took. The part about having to kill the app when you switch from wifi to mobile is important. Make sure to include the connection settings you use in app configuration screen and your HA network setup too.

Also make sure to fill out the issue template and check an issue just like this does not exist.

I’ve facing the same problem on my OnePlus 7 Pro. Did you find any fix? Else, I need to go back to OwnTracks, for a period of time :slight_smile:

Looping @bratanon, too.

Try the latest version in the app store 2.2.1 a lot of htat stuff should be fixed now

I’m already on the latest version, and it’s the same story - sadly.

But, I’ve cleared all data, and reinstalled the version. Let’s see how it goes this time.

Same problem here. Have a OnePlus 7 Pro - maybe a OnePlus problem?

Same here. Works fine on my Pixel 3, not on my wife’s Pixel 2. Set everything to authorize app in the background, but haven’t tried to add an exception to the HA app so memory management won’t kill it.

It is working for me however it is slow compared to my iphone. Notifications are even worse where I sometimes only get the notification if I unlock my phone first (background use is enabled and sleep is forbidden for the app, but it makes no difference). There is also no manual way to update the geolocation like on ios (on ios it is simply a pull down to refresh, on android there is no alternative).

you need to set ttl and priority as outlined in the android example here: Critical notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs

If you force stop and re-open the app it will trigger an update. Also if you turn bluetooth/wifi on/off it will also trigger updates for all sensors including location. Check the sensor docs to see which sensors trigger updates on a state change: Sensors | Home Assistant Companion Docs

There is also a new hidden feature in the latest google play store beta where while on the sensors setting screen updates get sent to HA every 10 seconds :slight_smile: this should help with troubleshooting sensor updates.

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This is good stuff thanks, I switched to Android a few months ago after 10 years of iOS. This was one of the things that was still bugging me. Since I am already working on fixing other stuff in my HA I will take a look at this. Thanks for the info!

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If I go to my “work” Zone some 15 miles away and then come home - for the next 12 hours I will be randomly teleported back to work for random amounts of time. Makes no sense at all - I guess the zone based tracking is a bit askew.

are you relying on the device tracker or geocoded sensor? you should be using the device tracker for zones.

Device tracker.

After updating the app… The device tracker disappeared

Same Problem here, also with an OnePlus 6.

GPS Data from a Device is shown correctly on the Map , but the sensor.oneplus_geocoded_location is not updating at all.
Also the Proximity Infos are shown correct.

If i check the last-changed time from the geocoded_location sensor, it updated some minutes ago, but with the old informations.

On the other Android and Apple Devices, everything looks fine.
As some people here in the thread also mentioned that they have Problems with the OnePlus, it seams like a specific bug with the OnePlus Devices.

Is there anything i can help to debug this?

looks like a Problem with