Android TV Icons for Apps

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In my current setup my media player card just displays screen caps of my Google TV. Is there anyway to use the add state detection to change the picture to the icon of the app? Like when Netflix is open, display the Netflix logo.


Up voted, this would be nice to have. The roku integration has this functionality for example.

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Yeah it would be really nice because the current media images are just screen caps that flicker. :confused:

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Yup indeed. I tried to set this up last night and on the browser I saw the current background images but they don’t seem to work on the mobile app which is what I use 99% of the time.

Yeah, it gets very glitchy sometimes. If this topic falls through I’m going to try mini media player which doesn’t flicker I’m pretty sure.

I got a proof of concept going!!! It does involve automations and a python script but I think it will work!!

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So scratch that lol. I went a completely different route (sensor template, picture entity and mini-media-player). It works great and for my use case and actually looks really good. I’ll send a screenshot when I’m at my laptop! It’s super easy to add a new app when you install one

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Here’s what they look like:

Here’s the configuration.yaml for the sensor:

  - platform: template
        friendly_name: "Active App"
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('media_player.google_tv', 'app_name') }}"

And here’s the configuration for the picture entity:

type: picture-entity
entity: sensor.active_app
image: local/googletvicons/googletv.png
  Disney+: local/googletvicons/disneypluslogo.jpg
  Home: local/googletvicons/googletv.png
  Plex: local/googletvicons/plexlogo.png
show_state: false
show_name: false

And finally the Configuration for mini-media-player:

type: 'custom:mini-media-player'
entity: media_player.google_tv
  volume: true

You can modify it as you need. It’s not perfect but, it works! Let me know what you think

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Oh nice, good work! I’ll definitely give this a go at some point.

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I used it like that, renamed the apps, and put the same on the icons.

entity_picture: >
var app = states[‘media_player.android_tv’].attributes.source;
var picture = “/local/icones_ico/” +app +".ico?v=1";
var status = (states[‘media_player.android_tv’].state);
if (status != “off” && status != “standby” && status != “unavailable”)
return picture
else return null

Hey everyone who was here originally! I took the android tv file and have hacked some code together that works and sets the image of the actual media player entity based on the app id! I’ll make a GitHub repository if you want to check it out and before you add it you’ll have to add a url (I used an external one, don’t know if internal would work) for the images.

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