AndroidTV Remote - how to open other apps than Netflix?

The documentation here: Android TV Remote - Home Assistant
helpfully lists a few example URLs to trigger apps such as Netflix to load. I want a button that opens Jellyfin amongst others. How do I find the right URL to use?


Technically, the integration lists that you can input the URL or the Activity ID (which you can find on the remote entity using the current activity property.

The thing is that none that I tested worked. For example one I wanted the most was “” (which in my TV goes to live tv activity) but using the example code from the integration it gives me an indication of “Unknown” when I try to use activity names like that.

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I’m looking for similar help. I am getting “You don’t have an app that can do this” on my TV when I choose YouTube from the Documentation example. Netflix does work though. Would love to know what works for HBO Max, YouTube TV, Hulu among others.

Or if I can send commands in the format of format, I haven’t figured that out either.

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See Android TV Remote - App Links/Deep Linking - Guide for a guide how to find out supported URLs for an app. Please add your favorite apps in the wiki there.

Unfortunately there is no way to send commands in the format of

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Thanks tronioks, Unfortunatley there’s no xml file in the Jellyfin APK so not sure what that means…

There must be one, but doesn’t matter, because in this case you don’t need to extract it.

It is right there, thanks to opensource and Github, you can find the source for the apk in their Github repo. Here you go for the AndroidManifest.xml:

Great. Sorry I may be blind and/or thick but there’s no host, scheme or pathPrefix in there…

Not all apps support deep linking. You can ask the app developers to add such support or in the case of open source projects you can send them a pull request.

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Sorry, didn’t look and just wanted to post the link to the file. :slight_smile:

But after another reading I searched myself, as I want to move away from ADB to AndroidRemote.

So here it goes for Jellyfin: right now it is not supported due to some limitations in the server config. But there are two issues pending in the Jellyfin repo, where this is discussed. You can find them here:

Documentation example as from here → Android TV Remote - Home Assistant

I added this lovelace example and Netflix starts but I can’t navigate; ok for amazon prime and Disney+