Announcing beta testing of the official Home Assistant for iOS app!

Who wants it? Beta sign up here

Currently functional features:

  • Turn things on/off
  • Push notification support
  • Presence tracking built into app using the official Significant Location change API
  • Customization of the tabs along the bottom so you can put whatever you want wherever you want!
  • Uses same icons and names that you put into your configuration

Upcoming features:

  • Fine grained control of entities (think RGB colors for Hue, temperature control of Nest, etc). If frontend currently supports it it will be supported in the iOS app.
  • Lots more stuff.

Here’s some screenshots:



Have filled in the form - would love to test. (Am pavoni on the other forums - username gone here!).

Requested. Looks GREAT!

Looking good, cant wait to see more features like charts and settings change from the app.

Looks like it has great potential.
Will the beta require that my HA server be accessible from the internet?

Thanks for letting me beta-test.

My main device failed to install as it runs iOS 9.2 while the app apparently required latest 9.3.

Is v9.3 really necessary for the app to run?
I was hoping to even be able to use an old iphone 4 I had lying around as a “remote” at home for the kids etc.
Therefore supporting older versions would be a nice feature.

I’ll give it a go on my daughters updated phone instead.

Hi @matlun,

I have decreased the minimum OS version to iOS 9.0. I investigated lowering it to 8.4 but found that there would be too many compromises. So at this time, the minimum iOS version will remain at 9.0.


Will that be released as a new version/new invitation?
When I try to install HA though TestFlight via the invitation you sent out TestFlight still says iOS 9.3 is needed.

HA shows up as v1.0(7)

About how long after filling out the form do invites typically get sent out?

Where would you prefer to have bugs reported? I don’t think the app works with self-signed certificates.

@robbiet480 as a beta-tester for the previous version, do I have to sign up again?

I’m an iOS developer and have been looking for some FOSS projects to contribute to and would love to help you guys with this any way I can.

Cool! There are some cool concepts online

I can’t seem to find the iOS app on github, do you guys not post that code?

Thanks for the invite. A small question early on. IOS doesn’t allow you to connect to self signed https certificates by default. I, and likely many other HA people, have a self signed certificate. Connecting over HTTP would also be bad as the credentials would be transferred unencrypted.

Do you have any plans or strategies to support this? IIRC, iOS requires you to compile in any self signed cert keys in order for them to be accessible on an app.


Thanks from me as well for the Invite! Push notifications are one of my primary interests in this project, however I am not quite sure how they are going to work. Is there going to be a another notify service built into HA to send to the app? Like instead of notify.notify or notify.pushbullet so that we can send push notifications to the app? If that is the case, will we be able to test this feature or will that only be available once the app is released?

Correct me if I’m wrong but this feature doesn’t work yet. Because to get push notifications to your mobile phone you need server-wise access to the Apple-Push-Notification-Service (APNS) & you only get one certificate for the developer himself. So you would always need one central push-relais that sends the pushmessages to the APNS.

I’m personally using telegram. It’s easy, safe & it works.

Greets Jacko

Check out as a free alternative for self-signed certificates.

I’ve been using Caddy for the last few months without issues. Automatically handles the cert creation and renewal, super easy to set up. Highly recommended.