Annoying Preload Stream option in the camera dialog

Hi guys,
I have camera defined:

  - platform: ffmpeg
    name: "Cam1"
    input: rtsp://user:[email protected]:554/cam/realmonitor?channel=1subtype=0

and when I click on it comes nice big popup… but there is ugly patch “Preload Stream” which I don’t want. Is there any wey to get rid of it?

I found this old thread:

but no solution.
Thanks in advance!

If you are that much annoyed, my advice would be;

  • create a css file (cascading style sheet)
  • put a css code in that file to hide preload stream option
  • import this css file as a resource to lovelace UI

Let me know if you are interested, we cam woek6it out together

Of course I am interested. Actually, I already did some investigation via object inspector in browser, but I wasn’t be able to find “quick” solution. Today I installed NVR, some test cameras, mobile apps, and started to integrate NVR into HA. Lot of work, therefore I didn’t work much on this problem.
It will need little more time to find this annoying element and change its css display property to none, or something like this.

I will share the exact CSS snippet tomorrow (late night here in EU) and you can take care the rest?

Yes, i will try.
Btw, I am in EU too.

Any way you folks could share your CSS with the thread? Would also like a way to remove this. Thanks!

Hi @anon63427907, I would be interested in that as well if you don’t mind sharing it here.