Anova Sous Vide Integration

Got one of these just recently, and it’d be pretty cool if I could roll it into HA with auto discovery and GUI setup.

Hey! I actually have a PR open for adding Anova sous Vides to HA - right now it only supports Wifi anova sous vides, and it is only read only for the data. But I plan to try to add support for bluetooth anova sous vides and control over your sous vide in the future. Just wanted to keep the PR a bit shorter.

You can follow along with the process here!


Ooh nice work! There is support for the Anova bluetooth in esphome (Anova Cooker — ESPHome) - perhaps that could be baked into the bluetooth proxy?

Nice! That’ll be awesome. I think ours is a WiFI model, but I’ve never even considered hooking it up minus a h-a integration.

Good luck with Bluetooth. I debated trying (I just got another BLE device working). The esphome version works well enough and I use it/need remote control so rarely. The anova BLE interface is super cute. Most devices use random hex codes to request data and the data comes back in an encoded binary format. The Anova uses plain text! Also, I have not found an example that uses the new BLE library, so did not want to figure that out!

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Really looking forward to this! If you are looking for testers I am sure if you place this in HACS until HA core is ready you will get some people like myself ready and willing to jump in!

Is this going to be a local or a cloud integration, @lash-l?

Most of them except for the nano are wifi I believe!

Good call, I may try that this week. It’s always difficult developing something while only having a specific device to test, it would give me a lot of confidence if I could have more devices tested.


went ahead and made it.

Add it as a custom repository, get your device id and set up the integration.

Let me know if you have any issues/ if you don’t what Sous vide you are using so I can add it to the tested list!

As well, I don’t plan to maintain this and will probably private it once my integration (hopefully) gets pushed onto core.


Unfortunately a cloud integration.

I would love to make it local, but no one has been able to figure out how to communicate with the devices locally and I don’t think it would be trivial to do. The only real hope of a local integration is through BLE but only the Nano and I think a discontinued model uses bluetooth (not positive about that)

In case you hadn’t already seen it, this repo seems to offer control settings for the Anova: GitHub - bmedicke/ Python 3.6+ module to interface with the Anova 👨🏽‍🍳 Sous-vide cooker ⏱️ private API.

Shame about it being a cloud integration, I was hoping to get out without ever installing the Anova app, lol.

Interesting… I’ll have to take a look.

From an initial experiment- it seems the process of getting the secret can be slightly different for each firmware issue, which may be a problem. I’ll try it out and see, but it probably wouldn’t be until next PR that those features would be added.

Unfortunately even if I did get that version of the private api functioning and simple enough for HA, you’d still have to get the app as you need to be able to connect it to wifi

Even with the private api it still seems to poll the cloud. It just is able to control it. So unless someone smarter than me can figure out how to communicate directly with the wifi version of the sous vides without a proxy, I think we are stuck with cloud polling.

@Lash-L not sure if you’d be interested in helping with the Anova Precision Oven in Home Assistant but figured I’d ask.

I was able to document the private API but have had trouble figuring out how to build a custom integration for Home Assistant.

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@mcolyer I’d be happy to help. Do you have a discord? If so private message me your account and I’ll send you a message.

We can start talking and I am hopeful that my integration will be merged into HA within a few days and then we can add the oven

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I would love to have this as a decent working integration too.

For those of you using the HACS integration for testing, Ive added user authentication and support for controlling the sous vide. It’s pretty basic right now, but when you update you need to delete your integration and re-add it.

you are my hero

Just wanted to say thank you for making this integration!

Hello just wanted to let everyone know that the integration has been approved to core and will be included in the may update :slight_smile:

I will be adding control functionality that will hopefully be approved and included in the June update


Thank you very much for all the hard work you put in to get the integration merged! Looking forward to all of the improvements!