Anova Sous Vide Integration

Nice! Congratulations :slight_smile:

I have a fairly old model, I think it was their first wifi and bluetooth model.

I can connect to it from their app over wifi. When you add it from their app, it’s the bottom most selection called the “Percision(R) Cooker Bluetooth or Wi-Fi”

When I try and add the integration, I get the error message “No devices were found. Make sure you have at least one Anova device online.”

I realize the app didn’t say it worked with this model, but I have attempted to test it anyway incase their API was able to still talk to it.

If you need any information if you want to try and support this cooker as well, I can try and help.

I have the same model, but get “Invalid authentication” error instead.

To be fair, I’m not 100% sure of the password, as its been a LONG time since I set up the app.

I went to the Avona website to attempt a password recovery, but instead of being asked for a password, it sent a 6 digit code to my email to log in on the site and I don’t see any way of changing/resetting the password.

So, I guess I’m out of luck with this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@zimmer62 see here: Anova precision cooker not found · Issue #92457 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

@SuperSean That’s super annoying. I would think there has to be some way to change the password, maybe down the line I can reverse engineer their code login and use that as an auth method

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I had this same problem, I think it was because I had my account linked to a facebook login, so there wasn’t any authentication done via Anova… (meaning Anova won’t store a password for that method) I ended up deleting my account from the app, and creating a new one, this time having a password. It was annoying, but I think I understand from the technical side if they are using OAuth and don’t store a password for someone who created their account that way.


@zimmer62 @Lash-L
Thanks. Will have another look once I have sorted my dashboard

I’m not sure if I would have used FB as I don’t use that for much more than APIs and messenger… However account would have been set up well before Avona was bought by Electrolux in 2017, so anything is possible I guess.

Attempted to connect again, using both community addon and HACS install

Originally received the ‘No devices found’ error message and on next attempts, was back to the ‘Invalid authentication’ error.

No errors show in HA Core logs, and no Anova logs seem to have been generated (possibly because addon does not finish setup/install?)

I have the HACS version up & running and thought I’ll switch over to the official one - I wanted to keep the HACS version until I was sure the new one would work, so I just disabled it.

Now when I try to add the new integration I end up with this error message:


Config flow could not be loaded: {“message”:“Invalid handler specified”}

Do I need to delete the old integration first?
As I’m in the same boat a s a few others here, i.e. I don’t remember the password, I’d lke to make sure that the new integration works before I delete the old one.

Any hints?

Did anything ever happen with getting the APO (oven) integrated with this? Would absolutely love to integrate my oven into Home Assistant, and happy to get my hands dirty coding too if necessary.

P.S. @mcolyer you’re amazing. How on earth did you manage to document that API? Was messing about with it in my spare time for ages and got nowhere :sweat_smile:

@Lash-L , great job on this integration and thank you! Is there an ETA on control functionally?

I can’t seem to be able to control my sous vide. Are you able to advise on how to turn it on? all i can see are the sensors reporting the temperature etc
Thank you

Hi there, just bought the new Precision COOKER 3.0.
This one is not yet on the compatibility list, however, is it planned to add it?


I have exactly the same issue with the same model. Support would be great! :slight_smile:

did you try to connect it? and by bought you dont mean you were in a beta? :wink:

I also have the precision 3 and am getting the error:

No devices were found. Make sure you have at least one Anova device online.

I haven’t checked the logs yet, but i’ll come back and post if I find time to check into it.

I only want to confirm, I have the exact same problem with the Anova Precision Cooker 3.0 sous vide, AN525-EU00