Any DIN-rail circuit breaker+power meter that can be integrated/controlled by Home Assistant?


As in subject: circuit breaker

Ideally with an automatic restart

If it’s Tuya, you should be able to flash Tasmota or ESPHome on it I’d have thought, which would allow local access with no internet connection.

Alternatively, Shelly 4Pro?

I have 6 of them

It’s not fully integrated in Tasmota. You still need to create the sensors in yaml. But it works well.

The thing I do not like is why is not possible to put down/up manually?

I think thats totally unsafe

It’s a power meter, not a circuit breaker. Don’t use it as a circuit breaker.

Ohh ok, well I need a circuit breaker (possibly also with power meter). Anything available?

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There is one circuit breaker on, no power metering


Is not clear if it has automatic (or remote) rearm, you know?

This is a really dangerous idea. There is a reason a circuit breaker flipped. Not sure why you would want to turn it back on remotely.

I see houses on :fire:


Breakers can flip by overload. Remote doesn’t necessarily mean across the world.

As example, you have a construction contractor working in the backyard. Using a fan and a power saw. The 15a circuit can barely handle the load with both plugged into the only outlet available, occasionally the blade on the saw binds, trips the breaker. Rather than walking all the way to the breaker box, it can be reset in place.

Just one example of why it could be useful.

Exactly my case

I am no expert, but wouldn’t it make more sense, to install a “normal” breaker anywhere near the saw? I for one wouldn’t want to have something going off, because an automatic turned it on again… There are a lot reasons, why these things are not automated, because a thinking human being should decide what should happen next… :slight_smile:

In Germany (where we have rules and standards for everything!) you normally (accorindg to the standard) build a manual breaker “into” the saw or the cable directly wired into the saw, so you can turn it on and off without going anywhere, but with the possibility to leave something off… :slight_smile: But what do we know, we have 220V :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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In Rome, Italy from where I am we had Nerone as emperor, and we are used to put in flames houses :slight_smile:

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:laughing: :laughing: And as my Rocket seller once told me, if it’s working, it does the best coffee outside of Italy (true btw), if not, it’s for the italian moments in life. :slight_smile: Oh yeah, I miss Italy… :slight_smile:

I don’t think that makes more or less sense. It just depends on your situation. When I can pop this thing in place of the existing breaker and be done with it, seems like a win for a short time situation. BTW, I’m not doing that, I walk to the breaker and flip it because I’m not a lazy dog.

In America, (where we have the wild west) we have the liberty to be lazy and cheap. j/k

Ok I have bought Shelly EM for power metering.
The Shelly EM has a button, an exit that can trigger perhaps some circuit breaker?

I am interested to shut off some circuit breaker when power consumption exceed certain value (ideally also rearm after a while)

Any suggestions?

thanks. do you know how to trigger it to ON when power is applied to the DIN Rail? ive tried to install it on the incoming supply to my house but unfortunately my wifi and modem is also off. i cant activate while my wifi is off. please advise. thanks

By the way, I flash it via tasmota.
I’m using WDS688 devices.

I use auxiliary contacts that clip on the side of my Schneider circuit breakers but I only want the state not remote operation. I will get a IoTaWatt for power monitoring.