Any good tutorial to add devices/scripts?

I cam from domoticz, I build a device with an esp8266 and I start it with a script on dzVents
I don’t know how to add it on home assistant and also how add my devices like my usb camera (attatch to ContaCam to have an IP), my two homemade devices i said, and any other things…

When I clic on configuration>devices, there isn’t a + to add something :s

I’m on a raspberry pi and it’s installed on debian with this tutorial :

In HA, you don’t add ‘devices’, you add ‘integrations’. And every integration has its own way to be added.
The easiest integrations to add are the ones that are added through the GUI. For the others you have to edit configuration.yaml

I see! So how can I add camera or custom devices? what is configuration.yaml?

Take a step back and look at this post about the different ways Home Assistant can be installed and your skill level. You might want to reconsider your starting point.

If I didn’t install the os it’s maybe for something no?

I need debian on my raspberry to add Jarvis to it. I don’t want to buy 1 raspberry per software…

I know that’s easier to add the os, but I can’t.

I see integration menu so I can install addons no? If I can’t do it like that i can certainly do it manually… if not, home assistant is useless in this way

Try going to Configuration → Integrations to see if the camera integration you need is available via UI configuration.

See here for integrations available that will have instructions for configuration on both UI configurable and YAML configurable integrations.

configuration.yaml is a file located in your home assistant config directory. According to the directions you’ve used, it might be located:

Start Home Assistant Core for the first time. This will complete the installation for you, automatically creating the .homeassistant configuration directory in the /home/homeassistant directory, and installing any basic dependencies.

I don’t know anything about your specific devices however.

Add-ons =/= integrations, add-ons are docker container providing other software such as Letsencrypt. Integrations are used to integrate devices/services into home assistant, e.g. to afd Philips Hue bulbs or Xiaomi motion sensors. You need to search if there is already an integration for your device.

With the venv nethod you used, you are not able to install add-ons but you are able to add integrations. Read the link with the installation methods. If you want add-ons but still be able to install other things on your linux machine you need to install Home Assistant Supervised on Debian. There’s an install guide here for debian and here for Pi OS. Please be informed that it’s not “officially supported” to run other software on the same device as Home Assistant

Thanks for youe help! I will check that after the night (^_^)

Not officially supported means what exactly? Any risk or something?

That’s difficult because I already have a raspberry only for octoprint, a second for home assistant so I need a third one to have Jarvis? I read about a vocal assistant on home assistant, if it’s fully manageable/customizable that could be the solution!
Can we manage the home assistant os with vnc? I don’t have any screen for the pi… I do everything with that on it for now

Back to your question in the 1st post. For esp8266 devices there are basically 2 ways to integrate with ha. Mqtt and esphome. Use one or the other. Esp home is IMHO the easiest.

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thanks! did you have any preference between both? what’s the main difference?

I don’t know to be honest, as far as I understand, the devs will not provide any support on github for issues posted about a system that is running other things beside Home Assistant.

I don’t really understand, there are multiple options to change Home Assistant files. You can set up Samba or SSH or the file editor addon that allows you changing files from the browser directly. You don’t need any screen or keyboard for the pi.

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as I said, I beggin totally in HA so I don’t know everything :stuck_out_tongue: