Any Insteon FanLinc-compatible "modern" ceiling fans?

What kind of ceiling fan should I look for in Amazon that allows me to control the dimmer and speed using FanLinc when linked to KeyPadLinc.

I do like ceiling fans that are modern-looking.

This is the FanLinc that I am referring to:

Works with any AC powered fan and fan/light combo. Won’t work with DC powered fans (some of the newer ones have a AC to DC convertor as they use less power).

I came across the fan and it looks like it has two knobs (one in each side), so that fan should work, right?

Should be fine as doesn’t mention DC.

Okay. There are not that many fans that do not have LED or remote in Amazon. It’s hard to narrow down what I’m looking for in Amazon.

Even those with a remote you can typically not use and use the controller you point out.

The exception is DC fans which the controller is often the AC->DC converter as well.

It’s usually only the larger fans that are DC and they state it “low energy DC” or similar. Those you are stuck using the in-box controller.

@GraysonPeddie I know this thread is a little old but did you ever get a fan and remote combo that works? Every fan I seem to find and like just have crazy remotes that I cannot find integrations for in HA. I’m resorting to looking for something that is either HomeKit or Alexa compatible and see if I can control it that way.
I had a Minka Aire fan at my last house that was not a cheap fan and the remote was terrible. You would press the on button and sometimes it would take almost 10 s to light up, which is bonkers. Don’t ever know this stuff until it’s up and mounted and not returnable.
Let me know if you got a fan and it works with HA.

I will buy a house a couple of years down the road. If you are buying a new ceiling fan, look for ceiling fans that have pull-down switches.

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(And yes, I’m living in my parent’s house until I get a job. Probably soon even though it will take a while due to the pandemic.)

Thanks for replying :pray: