Any news on companion app?

As the title says is there any need on the andriod app? I would love to beta test.


i also waiting and also be a beta tester and also want support with Polish Translation.

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hope we get some news

Also interested in beta testing anything that becomes available.

Here it is: About HA Client - native Android client for Home Assistant

That isn’t the beta official Home Assistant App.

That is the repo for the official HA app. The link you gave is just a 3rd party app.

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Really? I wasn’t aware, thank you for pointing that out.

What a roller coaster of emotions this morning… I found out there was only an IOS app (sad), then found out an android app is currently being delevoped (happy, excited)… :sweat_smile:

I love this community and hassio! I have challenged my brain in so many ways lately. Once I get more proficient, I plan on contributing back. Thank you all who contribute on a day to day basis to further improve HA and HASSIO.

If you are looking for ideas:


I love looking at others configs.

Unless I’m wrong, I think there’s an erro. You have this in your writeup:

Have lovelace set in yaml mode, !includes are NOT supported in storage mode.

Im in storage mode and use a ton of !includes in my config.

Do you have those !includes in your Lovelace config or in your backend configuration.yaml files?

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I’m an idiot.

I see what you mean now. I have tons of includes in my configuration.yaml. I haven’t gotta around to using lovelace in yaml mode yet, so I don’t even know what I’m talking about!

Sorry about that. I have saved your git and plan to go through it.

Seems like someone already answered, but yes includes will work fine for the backend in storage mode.

It just won’t work for lovelace. And another thing I use a lot in my lovelace config are secrets which are not allowed in storage mode either.

@jimz011 Thanks for posting your config.

Any news about Home assistant companion app for Android?because the 2.0 for iOS is available

Nope. They announced it big on the front page but last code update was about six months ago and we haven’t heard from the developer.

The developer lost a very close family member. Give him the time to recover from this…

I didn’t know and I’m sorry to hear that, that sucks a lot. And in any case I wasn’t bashing him. He has no obligation to do anything.

I recommend wallpanel for the time being. Does everything what is needed on mobile phone

You could make a webapp of your lovelace setup if you want (just shortcut it to your homescreen).