Any plans to enable FaceID/Pin Lock?

Since my alarm is exposed, it would be great to have the HA iOS app locked down.



The whole phone locks itself and requires pin/face-id.

Your alarm should require a pin code too.

Not if you automate the alarm to open with automation. Pin must be stored. Yes phone locks but it would be great to have that biometric second layer

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To open what?

When I unlock my doors it triggers alarm to deactivate if a code was correct on the door. In order to do this you must store an alarm code in home assistant.

I have automations that arm/disarm my alarm in HA, and I don’t have a PIN stored. I’m using Maybe you have a different alarm integration?

But regardless, if you are entering a code on your door, how/where do you expect FaceID to pop up?

I just want faceid to be an option to open the companion iOS app. Just like when you open a credit card app it requires faceid regardless of whether you have your phone locked or not.

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Don’t you have Face ID on critical apps like banking? If you’ll store something important on local notes, wouldn’t you want to lock it with Face ID? Apple did give that feature not because they didn’t know what to update. That is actually useful

So I also think that it would be nice to have Face ID lock feature for Home Assistant


Nope. Just to unlock my phone.

You can already do this, at least with the official HA Android app. In the App go to the sidebar -> App Configuration. There is a toggle to enable locking the phone with biometric data.

the doesn’t seem to exist in the iOS version, unless I am completely missing it. If someone knows how to enable this in iOS please let me know, but I have looked extensively in the config and could not find it.

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Is this currently the state? I’m not able to finde these settings in iOS too. Different place? Not implemented yet? Any plans to have it like in android app?

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You unlock your phone with your face. Why do you need to unlock the app with your face as well?

It just seems like pointless repetition.

Also if your that security conscious. Having your door lock turn your alarm off isn’t a good idea. A secure alarm triggers the countdown before you have any opportunity to disarm it.

I get your point, but other are having other usecases. E.g. I give a unlocked device to my kid to play music, etc. But don’t want them to change certain things in HA, financial apps, etc.

Why is it available on Android? Why is such extra-security step on banking apps, on qnap apps on xyz apps.

Should be optional, but if it is already build in on Android, why not on iOS? And if it is optional, you do not have to use it.

I read such things so often. “Optional feature is not needed, because I don’t need it.” or “Great that this or that optional feature has been removed, never used it”. So what? If you didn’t use or don’t want to use, why not allow others with other usecases to use it?


Yeah, I really would like this feature as well. Not uncommon to allow someone to use my phone - but just because they are in my phone (with permission or just because they got ahold of it while it was unlocked) doesn’t mean I want them to have easy access to important secure things like HA or banking. This would get a big thumbs up from me.

Just to say I agree. Face ID would be great as a way to require extra security to proceed with certain automations.

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Was just thinking about this. I would use this and it would be nice to require it for my users

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Giving this a bump, still very relevant, simply unlocking the Phone doesn’t cut it, HA app needs its own security.

There’s no way a banking app would be authorized to be published without it, rules and regulations prevent that. And I most certainly feel the garage_door compares to that required level of security


Because a lot of people leave their phone unattended while it is still unlocked. Like on a desk at the office. This will give people access to your phone apps. That is one of the reasons for extra security layers for sensitive apps. Also it is important that you do not assume or depend on existence of other authentication layers, you have to protect your own app if needed. Not all users have turned on their device level authentication.

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