Any Support for Midea A/C?

I’ve been backtracking the Telegram history, and as far as i understand the ESPhome usb dongle will support 0xac

Thanx, did try follow Telegram , but difficult from joning in last few days. Have ordered hardware. Now just the long shipping wait.

If you want to be 100% sure, why don’t you just ask ?
You’re on Telegram already anyway :thinking:

I appreciate all the work that has been done reverse engineering this and putting everything together. Y’all are amazing!

I’ve read through everything I can find and I’m just hoping to see if anyone can confirm that this applies to Pioneer units as well? It would seem so as they use the “NetHome Plus” app as well and the dongle is the same “Smart Kit” unit. I noticed this also goes by the same part number “OSK103” for Midea.

I also found that a dongle oddly similar to the mideahvac-dongle is listed for this series on Home Depot That one shows a different installation document than the one for the mini-split above. Again, it’s different because they use the “Cielo” app here.

Speaking of a Pioneer WYS units like WYS-19 9k BTU

As a side note; It looks like Mr. Cool uses the same “Smart Kit” dongle? which would make them compatible too?

I’d love if anyone could shed more light on this or confirm any of this.

I’m just hoping to clear this up for myself and possibly others in the future. I apologize for the wall of text and I hope it’s not any more confusing that this product line…

I have the exact same model. Could you please explain me what you did to integrate it in HA? I was able to add it into Midea’s App, but I can’t find any way to find it in HA…

@nuggets yes also mr cool is working.
And i think everything with osk103 :sunglasses:

@AlessandroTischer all relevant info was transferred to this topic (it uses esphome)


So the only way to integrate the ac is with new hardware? :cry:

No, you can always take the custom_component from @MacZhou. This works with the original OSK-102 (or something like that, the original hardware).

Go to HACS and search for " Midea Smart Aircon". This component works as well, with some small errors like taking longer than ten seconds to update, but it is stable that you can run and control you A/C. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to th repository:

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Unfortunately I’ve been trying to use that component for almost a month now, but without any success… The entity is created but remains unavailable. (if you give a look at the issues in ghat repository, you’ll see that I opened the latest one, just a couple of days ago)

This is why I was asking @n0t, since he also has my same hardware

Than debug the errors in this component or buy new hardware… :wink: Sorry, no other choice, as both components are relatively new, and so far working in most cases. :slight_smile: There is no need for a different, third component.

If you ask me, I’d invest in new hardware, it is not very expensive and so far the more reliable component (for me personally).

If you want to debug, you should provide some logs and data about your installation, maybe someone can help. I went the route with new hardware as all is open source and local, that fits my need perfectly and the cost was around 15€ to 20€. :slight_smile:

I am using the cloud integration by @andersonshatch (it is on a remote location from my HA server so didn’t test the local version). This is the version I’m using, installed via HACS and inserted the suggested code in configuration.yaml:

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Expensive…my esp + adapter was approx €5 a €6 :thinking:
Had to wait for shipment a while though :sunglasses:

Hi all and happy Easter to everyone :rabbit2: I’m new to HA.

I’ve been trying to integrate my 3 Midea air conditioner but I’ve an issue.
I installed @mac_zhou component and it works great…on 2 air conditioner only. One is missing.
The air conditioner Is connected to my router and I can see it online. Also, I can command trough the Midea app.

The IP address is correct. The device ID is correct. But still not work. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Someone can help me, please?

I’m not sure, if this component is still under development, at least I haven’t seen progress in a few months. mac_zhou is involved in the development of the new component.

You should try to use the new component for Midea A/C that works with an ESPHome based approach.

This component here: depending on what Midea dongle you use (OSK-102 or OSK-103), you may have to setup a local “fake” server or it works via the Midea cloud.
The new ESPHome component: works 100% in your local environment, no Midea cloud or fake servers.

Unfortunately I’m not an advanced user :sweat_smile: I’m still confused about HA and I don’t know how to do that dongle :rofl:

I’m using OSK103 in every A/C that I have but I don’t know why one of these doesn’t work. It’s quite strange…
I’ve also tried using @andersonshatch’s component that connect through Midea cloud but 1 out 3 still doesn’t work

I’ve also some problem installing msmart…

what do you mean? How can I achieve that?

Not a problem, but not being an advanced user is especially with this kind of component tricky… :wink: It needs a few things worked out behind the scenes and that makes it difficult to debug. In your case you’d need to get logs from all three of your dongles and debug them accordingly. In short words, this is something an experienced user could/should do. :slight_smile: I’m sorry, but I don’t use this component any more, as the ESPHome version is much more local and stable, easy to maintain and it is very inexpensive.

What I could offer you is: I’m writing on a tutorial for the new ESPHome based component, should be ready in a few days, and it will guide you step-by-step through the process of getting the parts, setting it up and use it. I’d strongly suggest to make the change to this component, as it will be actively maintained and is way easier in the end, than the one from this thread. :slight_smile:


Thank you. You’re my hero :smiley: I’ll wait patiently the tutorial :upside_down_face:

I have the custom component setup following the instructions on the github page, including adding the lines to configuration.yaml with the device ID and IP address, but I’m not seeing anything in my Integrations and the device/entities don’t appear. Am I missing something?

The only thing I do see in the logs is that it’s complaining about no versioning in the manifest but I don’t think that’s the issue is it?

2021-04-06 09:53:30 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.loader] No ‘version’ key in the manifest file for custom integration ‘midea_ac’. This will not be allowed in a future version of Home Assistant. Please report this to the maintainer of ‘midea_ac’

I had the same problem. I installed the integration again and right now I see the device but it says it is unavailable. I installed it again and even reseted HA. It didn’t help and still idk what happened. I am sure that I have correct data put in the configuration.yaml

Can someone help?

@byronbrewer and @Raensl

Guys, come on, a little more information would be really useful to help… :wink: Something, no, anything will help. :slight_smile:

Your config looks like? What dongle are you using, what model/manufacturer is your A/C? Does the log say something? If not, have you enabled debug for this component (or don’t know how to do that)?

Come on, this shouldn’t be a guessing game. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So go, collect as many information that you might think could be useful and present it to us. :wink:

Yes, you are, otherwise it would work. What exactly? I have no idea… :wink:

If you are sure, everything is correct, than we are as well. :slight_smile:

You get the idea: Help us to help you! See here, especially points 8 to 14. :wink: How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question