Any Yale Conexis + Zwave users here?

When turning the thumbturn if you don’t hear the confirmation beep then the module doesn’t register that it’s unlocked, meaning it won’t appear in HA.

For me it’s been like that since I brought it (5yrs)

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Thank you. I’m guessing that would be the same for any platform, not just HA (eg Hubitat etc)

Yes, I just did a test to confirm. Thumb turn generates a status update and generated the following entries in the logbook.

Front Door Lock fired Notification CC 'notification' event 'Access Control': 'Manual unlock operation'
07:50:34 - 3 minutes ago
Front Door Lock Last seen changed to 17 April 2024 at 07:50
07:50:34 - 3 minutes ago
Front Door Lock: The current status of the door was opened
07:50:33 - 3 minutes ago
Front Door Lock was unlocked
07:50:33 - 3 minutes ago
Front Door Lock Current lock mode changed to Unsecured
07:50:33 - 3 minutes ago
Front Door Lock Last seen changed to 17 April 2024 at 07:50
07:50:33 - 3 minutes ago
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@siwilson thank you for confirming. I wonder why my lock doesnt show the same in the log, lol I have probably set it up incorrectly - when I paired the lock and stick I just ticked everything (legacy and s2?) to pair. Any suggestions on guides how to set this all up?

Mine was legacy and also it was included in direct range of the controller.

Just in case anyone comes across this in the future, I found the issue with no update status for manual unlock to HA - the internal thumb turn was not being fully turned during unlock until the thumb turn wont turn anymore. This applies to both zwave and wifi/bluetooth modules


Disclaimer: I don’t have the bridge. I hate them, have no bridges in my home.
I was struggling with direct zwave control, because the lock needs to be factory reset (and key fobs/cards are lost) to pair zwave, and it also needs to be reset to pair bluetooth (with the new module) to manage fobs. If I pair zwave and then install bluetooth module, the app will not connect. So what I did:

  1. disassemble and reset the lock as per manual. Install zwave module. Pair with home assistant.
  2. remove zwave module, disassemble lock again, factory reset.
  3. install bluetooth module, pair with Yale Home app, manage my key fobs/cards.
  4. remove the module and reinstall zwave again. HA control works without resetting the lock.
  5. following key fob management can be done by swapping modules. To swap: remove battery, replace module, insert battery. Blue light rapidly blinks a few times followed by a solid white light and a melody (I guess this indicates successful start).

While playing with it, after trying different combinations, my lock dropped in to a weird state: when powered on, internal blue LED was blinking, stopped after pressing the button. Also, outside LED was rapidly blinking blue, and would not stop no matter what I did, and which module is installed. This continued for days. But I was able to factory-reset it once again and the above combination has worked.

I still have a problem that app says pairing my fob was unsuccessful, but I cancel out and see the key in list, and my fob works.
My overall experience with this lock is that it’s extremely buggy. I often hear motor spinning up some time after the lock was operated. I sometimes hear it playing melodies hours after interaction. I found it to be unlocked a few times when I’m sure I have locked it. Also, when locking and unlocking it sometimes plays wrong melodies, eg. dedicated for app unlock. It’s either they are all like that, or my unit has a failing flash memory. I have recently updated it to latest firmware.

Anyway, hope this saves a week of frustration to someone. Or to future me.

I have decided to stay with the Z-wave module, using Z-wave JS. You can update the auto relock function in the configure section of the lock. I ordered the free Yale connect module, just in case I change my mind. I am having an issue with it going to sleep and not waking up for automations. I thought it might be the module which is a few years old, but it isn’t as a new module did the same. My Yale keyless lock with a Z-wave module doesn’t do this, but it is closer to the controller. All my Z-wave devices are battery powered, so there is no mesh. To help I have plugged a z-wave adapter into an electric socket, hopefully it will help.