Anyone find a good integration for a Steam Shower?

I’m interested in being able to automate a steam shower in my new house build, something like a Thermasol, Steamist or Mr. Steam. Steamist claims Control4 support. Thermasol touts their Alexa integration… and has an Android touchscreen control that can go inside the shower. Mr. Steam has a ~$450 HomeWizard ( which seems to only support on or off via momentary contact closure. Curious if anyone out there found a solution they really love.

From the Steamist FAQ:

The mySteamist app which is standard with the 550 Digital Control and optional with the 450 Digital Control allows for integration with two of the “professional” (not DIY) home automation systems, Crestron and Control4.

Crestron has published the application for integrators to use that will feature Memory 1, Memory 2, Off and System Status display. Click here for more information on how Steamist connects to Crestron.

Control4 integration with similar features is now available through “TheDriversLab” Steamist Driver and App. Click here for more information on how Steamist connects to Control4.


Probably a moot point for the OP. Mr. Steam has has Steamlinx.

My system came with it, but I haven’t gotten around to installing it, but will do so soon.

If all else fails, there is a (900 mhz?) RF link between the two components that could possibly be hacked.

Some third party makes the module for them. I noticed that a similar module for controlling hot tubs (spas) that I’m considering ordering – Gecko in.touch2. My tub didn’t come with it, but one of my neighbor’s tub came with it.

Any luck with automating your mr.steam unit?

I haven’t really tried, but I think I could control it with some work on

It uses the same protocol as the Gecko hot tub (spa) controllers, but has a different XML definition file. So the Geckolib CLI client detects and starts to talk to it, but then generates an error.

I was hoping to get some temperature data out of it, but at first glance it doesn’t appear to expose that so I stopped looking into it.

Hi @rct

Is there anyway you can post the steps and equipment you used to hook up Mr.Steam to the Home Assistant? I just bought a Mr.Steam with Homewizard and found out it only allows ON/OFF. Instead of paying 500 euro for the homewizard that only gives ON/OFF option, I rather to the same with a more affordable setup. I am not worried about temp readings, as I will use a external temp reader instead that I will integrate into HA. Hope you can assist. :slight_smile:

Sorry I haven’t gotten it running with Home Assistant. Hasn’t been a priority.

More work is needed in the underlying Geckolib library for the Mr. Steam unit. The Mr. Steam interface is made by Gecko. I also have a Gecko unit for my hot tub. That is currently working nicely with Home Assistant. To the best of my knowledge, all the work that has been done so far with the Gecko units has for hot tubs.

Additional work or a new integration type would likely be necessary in gecko-home-assistant. Much of the groundwork has been done with the existing gecko code, but more work is needed to add the steam support.


Thanks for your feedback. Hope someone can pick this up.

any additional support on getting your new Steamist integration connected? I have a 550 and it connects via wifi and communicates with the phone app no problem, but I cannot seem to connect via the home assistant integration. They’re on the same network & subnet. I’ve tried both autodiscovery as well as manually entering the IP address.

Please open an issue and provide debug logs for aiosteamist

@tsaun - Did you open an issue? I’m having the same problem. HA will not connect and immediately returns “Failed to connect”. If i put a different host it takes a moment and returns a different error so seems it is communicating at some level but failing to complete. Anyway, I want to track the issue since it is a different topic than this one.