Anyone got owntrack ibeacon working?

I can not get ibeacon working, the enter event never get registered in the beacon zone.

Now I’ve found some debug print outs indicating that the events are discarded…

DEBUG:homeassistant.components.mqtt:received message on owntracks/ownTrack/device/event: {"_type":"transition","acc":0.0,"desc":"mybeacon","event":"enter","lat":X.xxxx,"lon":Y.yyyy,"tid":"e4","trigger":"b","tst":1471203795,"wtst":1470860353}
DEBUG:homeassistant.components.device_tracker.owntracks:Skipping transition update because GPS accuracyis zero
DEBUG:homeassistant.components.mqtt:received message on owntracks/ownTrack/device: {"_type":"lwt","tst":1471197173}
DEBUG:homeassistant.components.device_tracker.owntracks:Skipping location update for following data because of missing or malformatted data: {'tst': 1471197173, '_type': 'lwt'}

Why is Home Assistant looking at GPS accuracy on an ibeacon enter event?

Is it some configuration I should do in the (Android) Owntrack app to correct the “missing or malformed data”?

Are there any differences in how the default mqtt messages look in iphone and Android version of Owntrack? Anyone that got it to work that could share how their mqtt messages look like?

(Running Home Assistant 0.25.2 on raspberryPI 3 (Jessie Lite) with Razberry and Tellstick Duo.)

See Owntrack ibeacon single zone (was overlapping zones) for more background.

Looks like a bug - if you raise an issue and tag me (@pavoni) - I’ll fix it.

In the short term you can test your beacons by removing the gps accuracy parameter.

I don’t know how to “remove the gps accuracy parameter” ;-(
but found a workaround and filed a bug report…


Comment/remove max_gps_accuracy from your config

Having looked at the code the only workround is do do something like you did.

Now fixed - and should be in the next release.