Anyone got the innova 2.0 connected in HA?


I have the innova HP elec 2.0 in my house. I tried the tado AC controll, but it does not support my AC units. Has anyone been able to connect innova to HA?
(no gree+ or mildea app are not compatible)

Ok, I talked with the manufactoror, NO API, NO integration with any kind of platform and NO plans to do it,… it seems its just a crap product.

Hi, I have found that the Innova actually has a local REST API easily available through port 80, I reversed engineered it a bit and found most of the commands (that I actually use) to operate it. I’d like to write an integration for it, but haven’t gone through all the HA documentation to understand how to achieve that.

Not sure yet how I could integrate with home assistant. There is maybe the RESTful integration that could work. Otherwise I am thinking of writing an actual climate integration in python.

I can’t promise anything though.

Here’s the information I was able to gather.

When data is expected for a command, it has to be form encoded (Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded).

Action URL Data Needed Extra Info
Status GET http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/status Returns json object
Power ON POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/power/on
Power OFF POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/power/off
Set point POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/setpoint p_temp=24
Rotation ON POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/feature/rotation value=0
Rotation OFF POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/feature/rotation value=7
Fan Speed POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/fan value=[0-3] 0=auto + 1,2,3
Dehumidification POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/mode/dehumidification
Fan Only POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/mode/fanonly
Cooling POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/mode/cooling
Auto POST http://[IP_ADDRESS]/api/v/1/set/mode/auto

JSON returned by status endpoint:

    "RESULT": {
        "a": [],
        "cci": 0,
        "ccv": 0,
        "cfg_lastWorkingMode": 4,
        "cloudConfig": 1,
        "cloudStatus": 4,
        "cm": 0,
        "connectionStatus": 2,
        "coolingDisabled": 0,
        "cp": 0,
        "daynumber": 0,
        "fr": 7,                       <--- Fan Rotation: 0=on 7=off
        "fs": 0,                       <--- Fan Speed: 0=auto, 1, 2, 3
        "heap": 11760,
        "heatingDisabled": 1,
        "heatingResistance": 0,
        "hotelMode": 0,
        "inputFlags": 0,
        "kl": 0,
        "lastRefresh": 3956,
        "ncc": 0,
        "nm": 0,
        "ns": 0,
        "ps": 0,                        <--- Power: 0=off, 1=on
        "pwd": "************",
        "sp": 26,                       <--- Temperature Set point
        "t": 16,                        <--- Ambient Temperature
        "timerStatus": 0,
        "uptime": 159660,
        "uscm": 0,
        "wm": 4                         <--- Mode: 1=cooling, 3=dehumidification, 4=fanonly. 5=auto
    "UID": "[MAC ADDRESS]",
    "deviceType": "001",
    "net": {
        "dhcp": "1",
        "gw": "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX",
        "ip": "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX",
        "sub": ""
    "setup": {
        "name": "Device Name",
        "serial": "YYYYYYYYY"
    "success": true,
    "sw": {
        "V": "1.0.42"
    "time": {
        "d": 5,
        "h": 17,
        "i": 40,
        "m": 2,
        "y": 2022

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I have Innova Fancoils could this work or how can I adapt it?

I am not a code expert - how could I use this code to chck it or test it?



Hi I have currently a custom components that is compatible with Innova 2.0.

It can be installed as a custom repository using HACS. I might request to have it added to their default repositories, but it needs more testing.



Thank you so much!!!

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I have 3in1 model of heat pump and fan oils, can someone explain me how to integrate these on HA ?

Works nice.

Did you or anyone manage to try it out with the fancoils or with the butler web server?

hello. integration works very well. Maybe you could also make the option to lock the keyboard on the fan coils? @rivda

Hi @giorgraz1974 @giangi,

The latest version of the integration now supports Innova AirLeaf (FanCoil), not sure if it covers all their models though. It needs to have the wifi module and be connected to your network.

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The API supports it, so it could be exposed, but I am not sure how to make it available to HA, it’s not a standard climate entity property.

Maybe through a switch entity that you could add to your dashboard?

I have airleaf fan coils, adding integration to HA, three entities appear. There is no keyboard lock option in the control entity.

No, the keyboard lock is not available yet. I could look into adding as a switch entity, but it would not be a part of the thermostat control entity, as it is not a feature that is part of home assistant’s standard attributes for a climate entity.

I don’t know when I will have time to work on that, but I’ll take a look.

Hi, the keyboard lock control can be in a separate entity. Try adding manual/schedule selection to the thermostat control entity.

Hi @prezesBB, I have added 2 switch entities. One for scheduling/manual mode and another one for locking/unlocking the keyboard for AirLeaf fancoil.

They are available through version 1.4.0 of the integration which should now be available through HACS.

I just saw this morning. THANK YOU very much!!!
do you have any cool way to make a heating schedule in home assistant?
this is the last step to remove the innova app from our phone :wink:

There are probably several ways to achieve that, using Automations, maybe the new Calendar that HA introduced a few releases back.

A quick search found this blueprint: Daily Thermostat Schedule

I don’t personally use a schedule for my thermostat at the moment, so I can’t really help you more than that. But this is beyond the scope of my integration, the climate entity exposes some services that can be used in automations, so you could also look at that, Climate - Home Assistant. There is also a schedule helper: Schedule - Home Assistant.

Just came by this, sounds awesome. Unfortunately in the meantime I started to use the modbus modules but will try this out. I have a filomuro to test out sooner or later.