Anyone installed on Synology DSM 7?

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Wondering if anyone has tried to install on Synology DSM 7 Beta? I read some people have had success with Docker and other apps, no one has mention HA. The release notes said there might be an issue with the USB ports and USB dongles connected to them. I am using the Nortek dual Zwave and Zigbee. I want to try their new Synology Photos App, but afraid to lose Home Assistant.



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Hi, I was try
As result I saw message:

Unable to install because it runs with root privileges. Packages with root privileges might execute commands as the root user and compromise your system security. Please contact the package developer to change the privilege settings of the package.

Привет, я обновился с уже установленным Hassio в Docker с USB координатором CC2531 и аддоном Zigbee2mqtt. Система DSM 7 видит CC2531, но аддон Zigbee2mqtt не работает совсем.

Hey thanks for the update I appreciate the help. Hopefully someone will be able to figure it out. Out of curiosity, did you ssh into the NAS and looks at the messages to see if there was an error?

я увидел ошибку после установки DSM 7, и пока не могу это исправить.

Me too. The Package wont run anymore in DSM7 because of the root Privileges. Thats the same Problem with VMM. I think we have to root DSM7? Just mentioned it.

As far as I understand, you can’t use external devices anymore (i.e. zwave usb controller) with DSM 7. I opened a topic: Zwave on Synology DSM 7?

Hello, same problem in France here…
Do we have any chance of made compatoble with DSM 7?
Or should we forget on Synology ? Whats my best alternative tof Text To Speech to google Home then ?

I think all of the discussions in this topic relates to the SPK version of That have been depricated and removed before DSM 7.

The supported way to run is via the VirtualMachineManager (Installation on Synology Virtual Machine Managager), I’m unsure how well it works in DSM 7 though but it should work.


is it as efficient as the other dsm install from package center? What if we had our data in that install. Is it easy to port over to the VM

Yes, you can restore from snapshot in hass-os

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