Anyone Integrated a Mr. Cool Ductless w/ WiFi?

I have a Mr. Cool DIY series with Wifi capabilities. Anyone tried integrating this device with If so let me know.


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Was so hoping this was figured out by now. Love th units.

I just installed one in my garage. Would love to be able to control it from HA.

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I just installed 2 of their 24K BTU units in my shop. Would love to see these get integrated. Anything I can do on my end to help get this going?

As far as I understand from Mr. Cool’s technical support staff stated they have a closed API for the smart controller you can use. best I have found is you try a ir blaster but it doesn’t give you feed back so you don’t really know what the temp or mode is. Unless someone knows more than me that what I have found so far. I hope this helps someone

Has anyone tried port scanning the Mr. Cool wifi controller to see if it has anything open? Or done any testing like that? I am considering one for my shop, but would have to have this functionality working first.

I see that the wifi controller is just a USB stick. I wonder if it has all the brains on it and if it can be powered up and access tested separately from the unit itself. Trying to think of ways I can test before investing in an entire AC setup…

I just installed my 3rd Generation DIY Mini-Split 18K unit yesterday. I have been able to connect it to WiFi but apparently, it connects to their server in the cloud and my phone connects to it. I have done an intense nmap scan, scanning all TCP and UDP ports and it is closed up tight.

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Well booooooo. Thanks for Checking it out!

Agreed, I was just hoping for local control of the units like there is with the Daikin setup.

@mikenabhan I have created a homebridge plug-in if this is useful (or would serve as a useful reference design):

I have 4 units using Cielo Thermostat
I have tried to install your add-on but on HA but no success
I tried to make a copy using Python but I am begineer . Still trying hard :see_no_evil:
Finally I managed to install homebrdige on RPI using Portainer to use your homebridge addon
I hope there is someone can help us devolpe an integration for this thermostat :cry:

@be_adamant Do you have any logs or code to illustrate the problem you are encountering?

I am totally beginner in both Python and HA
I am trying to connect to cielosmart API using websocket
I just started 2 days ago and trying to figure out how to use Python websocket
As I notice in ur code there are alot of steps
Starting with session id next cookies … auth …etc
I think Python has a diffrenet way handling these data and that what I am trying to figure out

I was looking in custom component that using websocket API to learn from it but couldnt find any

@be_adamant an alternative might be to simply expose as node-smartcielo as a web service (optionally via docker) and make HTTP calls from

Something similar to this:

So in case I do that
Will it be as an entity in HA or just calling services?

@be_adamant I leave that exercise to you, @mikenabhan and/or others.

To help with integration with I have created a simple HTTP-server wrapper for node-smartcielo:

Usage is pretty simple:

  1. Install:
$ npm install -g node-smartcielo-http
  1. Start the server
$ node-smartcielo-http -l 6969 -u <username> -p <password> -i <ip_address>
  1. Run commands using cURL:
# Get power state
$ curl http://localhost:6969/power

# Send power on
$ curl http://localhost:6969/power/on

# Get current mode
$ curl http://localhost:6969/mode

# Set mode to cool
$ curl http://localhost:6969/mode/cool

# Get current room temperature
$ curl http://localhost:6969/roomTemperature

# Get current thermostat temperature
$ curl http://localhost:6969/temperature

# Set thermostat temperature tp 75
$ curl http://localhost:6969/temperature/75

# Get current fan speed
$ curl http://localhost:6969/fanSpeed

# Set fan speed to low
$ curl http://localhost:6969/fanSpeed/low

# Send power off
$ curl http://localhost:6969/power/off

I really appreciate your help

And I will keep trying and learing how to make an integration :smiley: I love challenges

Waiting for you :smiley:

:smiley: Hi
I managed to install Homebridge on docker
And install smartcielo
But I am little bit confused about the public IP and accessories

  1. Publci IP do you mean my Public IP??
    Or the website IP? Or the device local IP
  2. I have 3 devices under one username in
    Should I add 3 accessories or one would be enough?