Anyone Integrated a Mr. Cool Ductless w/ WiFi?

I have installed nicholasrobinson/node-smartcielo-http but homebridge is giving me this error below.

Any ideas?

[SmartCielo] TypeError: Cannot read property 'getAttribute' of null
    at getAppUserAndSessionId (/homebridge/node_modules/homebridge-smartcielo/node_modules/node-smartcielo/SmartCielo.js:127:64)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
    at async Promise.all (index 0)

So all the integrations here are using an IR remote controlling thermostat adapter, yeah?

For the Mitsubishi Mr Slim series, an enterprising person managed to reverse engineer the communication protocol of the hardwire port where their wireless module plugs in, and there is now local control for them via about $10 of wires and a wemos mini wifi -> serial adapter.

Has anyone tried to do something similar for the Mr Cool units?

Vilord, this integration is for the wifi-connected lcd smart thermostat. I have been unable to get get it to work with my Mr Cool, however.

The Mr Slim’s hardware port is a rs485/modbus and I have yet to find rs485 or other hardware serial port on my Mr Cool yet.

I hooked up the wifi device in my Mr Cool a few days ago, now I see that it uses the Cielo Smart platform through wifi.

I might poke around at Muhammed’s code to see if I can use it for an integration.

Another option would be to combine nicholasrobinson’s code with a node mqtt library to create a mrcool2mqtt addon

I installed a wemos d1 clone in one of my Mr Slims, and I noticed that both the Mr Slim and the Mr Cool showed up on my router as ESP-xxxxxx (where the x’s are the last 6 of the MAC address).
So apparently the wifi usb thing that comes with the Mr Cool also runs on an ESP chip. Not necessarily useful, but it might be an interesting project to crack open that wifi USB dongle and see what’s in it and capture the signal that’s running over the RX/TX pins of the ESP chip… see if it can be reverse engineered…

Did a little more digging, and it appears that the Mr. Cool units are rebranded Midea ACs (there are a half dozen brands that all use Midea… this is true for microwave ovens as well).
I’m going to give this project a try, since I already have a bag of spare ESPs.
But the short version is that apparently (if the above and linked information is accurate) the USB dongle doesn’t actually talk USB… it talks 9600 baud 5v serial over the USB pins.

well…to be specific, usb is a universal serial bus…but this dongle uses RS-232 over an usb connector :yum:

Yes, what you said :smiley:

Following up, this ^^ works great with the Mr. Cool’s.

Has anyone worked on getting this working? I have two units and would like to get them integrated.

Willing to help out in any way.

yes…confirmed by vilord in message above yours:

but also here:

I was hoping via their api. Might have to go the esp route.

I’m getting mixed things about that…
osk102 seems to work occasionally, osk103 works almost…never…
need fake cloud and stuff like that…
Then some updates from cloud breaks it again…

So I would recommend the esp way…cheap, reliable and relative easy, especially now pull-request request for midea-protocol from Sergiy is merged into esphome repository :wink:

I have a Mr Cool unit as well (installed several weeks ago). Tried homebridge-smartcielo and it never worked for me.

I cannot control it properly from homebridge, let alone home assistant. None of the controls work (temperature or power on).

The combination of homeassistant and esphome module works…

Hey guys! I’ve been waiting for a solution on this one for a while now- reading through, it sounds like you’ve finally cracked it! My background here is very limited, but I’m a snappy learner! Would you mind breaking down the ESP method so that I can finally get my Mr Cools in HA?

Super grateful for your time!


Check out the thread from AceIndy:

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Wow just came across this thread, This seems promising that this Integreation of Cielo Smart AC controller will work. Thank you for creating this.

Do you know if this can say work with some temp sensor.

I have a server rack and ac in the room. Or Pioneer Mini Split AC with Cielo smart AC app on the phone.

I am wondering say if I put some temp sensor in the rack and rack say reaches 95F then AC should come on when it reaches say 70 Degree or what ever temp AC turns off…

Anyway regardless thank you so much for creating this.

Yes the Cielo will work, I was using it however it was limited sooooooooooo I went this route…

Sensibo Integration


First in my Configuration yaml:

#Air Conditioner
  - platform: sensibo
    api_key: !secret ac_key

Then in my lovelace.yaml

 - type: custom:simple-thermostat
          entity: climate.john_s_device
          name: false
          decimals: 0
          step_size: 1
            - entity: sensor.thermostat_relative_humidity_measurement
              name: House Humidity
              decimals: 0
            - entity: sensor.dark_sky_humidity
              name: Outside Humidity
              decimals: 0

Then VIOLA! I have this and it works perfectly:


This totally integrates in HA… NOW I have all the functions of my AC :slight_smile:

_________________________ EDIT _________________________________

I did find out that it literally renders Mr.Cool remote useless. It doesn’t function anymore… I have to the Sensibo to change settings… I don’t mind at all but just letting people know.

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Hi Guys,

Any updates on the Mr. Cool integration?
I guess a lot of people are looking forward to this as their units are really popular lately.


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