Anyone Integrated a Mr. Cool Ductless w/ WiFi?

I did a write up for my MR Cool unit here: Removing the chinese wifi from my minisplit with ESPHome. - My Blog


That is an excellent guide!!

I put in a feature request for this integration, if you want it, go vote for it:

Some said it’s work with this integration Cielo Home

Has anyone attempted this?

Your guide is no longer accessible. Any recommendations on config for an ESP32 Development board? I’m not able to get mine to work (only getting TX, no RX - I did try switching them and even tried using the UART0, UART1, and UART2 pins).

Yes I have one in my shop, and it integrates from the Cielo home app/ integration

In case this is useful to others, I have deprecated GitHub - nicholasrobinson/node-smartcielo: NodeJs interface for interacting with smartcielo remote AC control API (MRCOOL) in favor of using MQTT and the excellent SMARTLIGHT SLWF-01pro (alternate Link). This achieves local network control with vastly improved reliability.

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