Cielo Home

Hey guys i reverse engineering Cielo Home ( and i made a HACS integration. Work pretty great. Give me your thoughts

Have fun!


This is working great so far.

If I had one request it would be to able to control the LED on my AC unit like the Cielo Home app does.


@avery-ambrose on the roadmap! I will do that in maybe 2 or 4 weeks! :wink:


I’ve been trying to get my Mr. Cool mini split working with HA for ages. This fixed it! Thank you!

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Can you elaborate on your Mr Cool setup and how you got it to work? Does this work with the standard Mr Cool Wifi Dongles?

Literally just installed that integration and followed the instructions. It works great with the standard WiFI dongle.

I had this setup and it was working great for a week or so, but this morning it stopped working. Im too new to HA to know how to force it to start working again. I ended up removing this custom integration and tryed to install it again. But it’s giving me invalid authentication but I’ve even reset my password.

It asks for the Username and password. Question, is the username and email the same thing? If not, do you happen to know how to change or find the username?

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same problem here - the Cielo server must be down. hopefully it gets restored soon

I fix it yesterday. Please update to 1.3.8! @mjb8706 @justthatjoeguy


@avery-ambrose the version 1.4.1 support the light!


Thanks so much for this. I have been hoping someone would come out with an integration for this.

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Thank you for working on this!

I am very new to Home Assistant, I just got my VM going a few minutes ago.

I am clicking the link to add the integration, but get an error “This integration does not support configuration via the UI. If you followed this link from the Home Assistant website, make sure you run the latest version of Home Assistant.”

Am I missing noob setting or something that is needed to get this installed?


Thank you so much! Seriously, I have been waiting for a HA integration since I bought my units and I am just so thrilled.

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I just installed the integration but I am unsure of what Username and Password is needed during the configuration of the integration.

the same you use in the mobile app. @Papester

@haste Use the step in the section: Alternatively, follow the steps below

@bodyscape , the Cielo App?

@Papester yes!

I had this working and my server (HA) went through a flood, totally toasted. Starting over. I have the integration installed and it is getting info from the Cielo server. My Cielo Home app on my phone works. Am I right in thinking that the Cielo Breeze Lite is the bridge between your integration and my Mr Cool? I cannot control my Mr Cool from HA at all. any ideas what I have yet to do?


@edlentz good question, i made this integration to work with all Cielo device. Some user said it work also great with there Mr Cool HAVC. But i have no idea!

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