Anyone know how to clear cache in the iOS app?

I really don’t want to have to delete the app as it always complicates the device_tracker. There has to be an easy way to clear the cache. Settings>Safari>Clear History and Website Data has no effect

Only way is to delete the app and reload

I was hoping you wouldn’t say that! Ugh


Change the connection URL to something that fails, then force-exit the app, then start app and change it back to being correct. On connect it refreshes the cache.

Thanks. I tried that but it won’t let me save a bad URL and just remembers the previous one.

Try adding or changing the port for the URL so it fails to connect. I’ve done this several times and it works on iPhone and iPads.

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So weird. That doesn’t work for me either. I tried your method exactly a few times and it still loads the same old cached page. I guess my only option is deleting the app and going through the messed up location settings again. Thanks for you help.

what’s the use case here? What cache are we talking about?

For me the use case is when working on a custom card in lovelace. If I make a change, the iOS app uses the old version in its cache rather than fetch the new one. But the workaround I discovered is to change the version number on the reference to ?v=2 and it forces the app to look for a new version. Would still be nice if there was a way to empty the cache somewhere.

seems like an issue we’d want lovace itself to help with right? End users of cards shouldn’t have to clear cache.

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Interesting. I removed app completely from iPhone, and guess what… when installed it again, it remembers the old location.

However, when I try to enter URL manually, it just crashes when I click to URL entry form.

Old thread but posting up in case anyone trying to figure out.

In the iOS app. Side bar> app configuration > debugging>reset frontend cache


Just did on iOS the above and it works.

For those who don’t see “app configuration “ in the sidebar, try going to “Settings” in the sidebar and then “Companion App”, then you can find “debugging” at the bottom and then “reset frontend cache”.


What does the Reset link do?? Does it reset the cache and also delete the user login credentials??

Settings>Companion App>debugging>reset frontend cache

Is there also a solution for Android? Cant find the Debug section…

It is possible to do it via command line as a message to the companion app?

Android has built-in cache management unlike iOS.

Just go to Settings > Apps > Home Assistant > Storage and cache, or hold then app icon the click info.