Anyone lives near san dimas california need help

Looking for someone to set up my HomeAssistant, So far i have the RBP 4 8Gig Kit. I have HA up and running on my laptop and RBP is connected to wifi. I have multiple smart home devices i want to install on 2 Tablets to be mounted on my wall. I need a IT guy to help me out with Integrating my products. I have (2 Nest Thermostats) (Bond Ceiling Fan) (Lorex 16 NVR Camera System) (2 MyQ Garage Door Opener aka Liftmaster 8500w) (15 Lurton Caserta Wall Switches) (4 Sonoff Mini that control lights on a schedule). (1 Ring Door Bell) .also would want to see the weather and the traffice condition to work. Can you help (praying hands) I will $$ if someone can help

Darnit - only 5334 miles away, 11 hour flight, about a grand stirling there and back. Otherwise I’d be well up for it :wink:


Can you refer me to a youtube video that i can do step by step, thats how i got the HA up and running, but nowhere i have read or watched that it can help you on getting things up and running step by step.

I would suggest you just do the reading and tackle each integration one at a time. Start with easier things like lights and switches. You will never learn how to use HA if you don’t start at the beginning and put in some effort.

Don’t worry about wall mounted tablets at the start, work on getting things into HA and working well before anything else.

This is generally a very bad idea as HA updates so frequently that YouTube videos go out of date and can cause more problems than they solve.

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Not what you want to hear, but I used to live in Azusa.

Here is some advice I share in another post recently.

Here are a few recommendations and caveats

  1. Watch a few introduction YouTube videos before embarking on your journey. Here are a couple suggestions:
    a) Rob from the HookUp - 3
    b) Juan from JuanTech - 2

  2. Start Simple
    a) Your first devices you focus on should be those auto-detected
    b) The second set of devices should be those with built in integrations
    c) Once you have a few devices added work no creating a simply and functional Dashboard.

  3. Test it across the devices you intend to use
    Start with Simple Automation
    a) Use the built in GUI to create your automation, test and tweak.
    b) Add slow add features (multiple triggers and/or actions)
    When looking for video tutorials on YouTube, stick to those that are at most 1 year old if possible, a lot has changed in a year. As you become more familiar it will be easier to extract value from some of the older videos.

Like anything in computing these days, you really want to take it step by step. Start with a simple idea, and slowly built and add to it. This will allow you to develop a solution that is functional from day one and allow you to add features as you understand your requirements better and become more familiar with the platform.

Remember YouTube is your friend, there are a great many members of this community that have shared a ton of content on the platform. Also do not be shy to ask your questions on the forum.

Good luck and most importantly have fun.

Given that this is a DIY product and this community forum is composed of DIYers, this kind of request to pay someone to perform on-site installation and assistance is usually a long-shot.

It’s even more of a long-shot during a pandemic.

You’ll probably have better luck getting a site visit from a professional systems integrator who does this for a living (not a hobby). However, they are unlikely to install a fast-evolving product like Home Assistant and will likely recommend something else.

Either way, good luck!

Here is additional context for this as well…

This has to be a joke.

Andynbaker, We do not need your negativity, But to the rest of everyone that tried to help, THANK YOU. i did get my Ring Alarm up and running kind of half ass, but still hopeless. The YouTube video searches and websites will be what i will be doing while we are on Covid stay home orders, But if anyone wants to do a remote access or something that they come up with. Please feel free to let me know.

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You come here seeking help.

You get told that watching videos on YT is a bad idea.

You decide to watch random youtube videos.

Makes sense.

Repeat after me, do not rely on out of date random videos. The two who have been suggested (Rob and Juan) are pretty good. The rest, treat with suspicion.

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As Nick noted, Rob from the Hook Up and Juan both make excellent content, however, even their videos go out of date. You can spend hours watching YouTube videos and still not get the correct result.

You are best to spend time on the forums, and maybe even the HA sub-reddit, and research what you are trying to achieve if it isn’t immediately obvious how to do it with an Integration, or Automation, etc.

If there is something you have that you can not find an Integration for, and you have spent at some reasonable amount of time (i.e. longer than 5 minutes) looking on the forums for your solution to no avail, then ask a question on the forums - most likely someone else has already gone through what you are trying to achieve and can help you out.

Start small, work on one thing at a time, read through the forums and the HA website. You aren’t going to build your perfect HA setup in a week, a month, or possibly even a year. Take your time and learn it for yourself, and if you can’t, ask for help.

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It’s a learning curve. I had things installed on a Pi4, but ended up moving to an NUC. If you are going to use a Pi, GET A HIGH ENDURANCE SD CARD. If you trusted someone, they could log into your instance and set things up.

Many of the devices you list are configurable in the GUI, which is nice. I have been learning yaml as I go, but it is tricky and can kill the HA system if done wrong. You don’t have any zwave or zigbee devices which have been the biggest nightmare for me.

I am close, OC.