Anyone who has any experience with the "new" Danfoss Air integration?

Im planning a rebuild of our house and are looking for a new ventilation system that can be integrated with Home Assistant. Therefor looking at the Danfoss Air A3 system with Danfoss Link CC Central Controller with WiFi.

But before choosing the system I would like to know if there is anyone who have any experience with the Danfoss Air integration for Danfoss air-ventilation systems (A2 or A3)? And do you know if it is necessary to have the Danfoss Link CC Central Controller with WIFI before you can use the integration?

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I have the danfoss air w1 and i use the danfoss air component ( I have a CCM module and not Link CC Central.

It gives me info on all the different temperatures and humidity. The only control i get is boost on/off which is super since it is this functionality that I need the most. Now i can trigger the boost function when i need it (the build in trigger in the air w1 is not that reliable).

I would like to get access to more controls (fan speeds in particular in order to trigger ‘cooking’ mode which is not available on the w1)


Hi Peter.

Thanks for your reply. So is it this controller from Danfoss that you are using?

Any particular functionality you are missing for the Danfoss Air integration?

/Author of the integration

Hi Jonas

I couldn’t say as Im not using it (yet) :slight_smile: Just wanted some info/inputs from someone who is using the integration, both the good and the not so good.

And also som info how to integrate with the Danfoss unit. But maybe you can tell me what is needed to integrate the Danfoss Air? As Varmluft (funny name) said in his response he integrates directly with the CCM-module. So some kind of Z-wave stick is needed to “talk” with the Danfoss CCM-module I presume?

So basically all the info I can get would be appreciated before buying :wink:

You just need plug in an ethernet cable in the CCM unit.

And connect it to the PC where home assistant is running? So not possible to connect to the Danfoss Unit wireless with an z-wave stick?

Connect to the same network that your HA installation is connected to (technically not required, but makes things a lot easier) and you should be able to configure HA as mentioned in the documentation.

It is possible to communicate with the CCM through Z-Wave, but that would require support in OpenZwave and that is, to my knowledge, not present. Further it would not be the Danfoss Air integration in HA that is used.

hi there Peter J.O,

sry for the late repply. i missed the updates from this topic.

yes, that is the controller that i am useing. the one you are linking to is the airdial. the part that makes controll possible is the ccm module (ccm danfoss) whitch is what communicates with the airdial. the ccm module is connected to the w1 and has an rj45 plug so it can be connected to my router. (from where hassio sees it)

I have 3 parts, the air w1 unit, incl ccm module and an air-dial.

Hej Jonas,

sry for the late repply. i missed the updates from this topic.

the danfoss integration is the integration that i love the most, and i was delighted when it first came out.

Your work is highly appriciated.

When i first connected my air w1 a while back I was only able to see humidity, temperatures and a few other data points.

2 months ago i had a lightning strike in my house and the most of the w1 was fried. Danfoss replaced both the motors, the mainboard and the ccm module. And sudenly I also can see data for:

  • air fan step
  • exhaust_fan_speed
  • supply_fan_speed
  • filter%

(the entities was there before, but without any data)

As to what particular functionality im missing it would be nice to be able to:

  1. change/set the manual level
  2. change/set the boost level
  3. change/set the difference between exhaust and supply fan speed (cooking mode)

I live in a new house that is so tight, that the kitchin hood isent really working until I open a window to let air in.

This is what cooking mode is for (not possible with the w1 out of the box). It lowers the exhaust fan speed and increeses the supply fan speed so a kitchin hood works more efficiently when cooking.

Number 1+2 two can be set via the pc-tool. Number 3 only seems adjustable via the airdial (but i could be mistaken)


Hi Jonas. Awesome that you have created this integration! I will be buying a Danfoss Air W2 this week. Does the integration have support for pre- and after-heaters? I’ve been told by my supplyer that these are controlled by the CCM.


First I will have to look if it is possible at all to adjust this through the API. If you say it is possible to do it through the PC-Tool it should also be possible to implement the functionality in the python library. Next step is to figure out how it should be represented in HA.

You can see what the integration supports on the integration page on Currently there is no support for pre- and after-heaters as I don’t have any of these on my unit. However feel free to submit pull requests agains the python library implementing this functionality.

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Hi Jonas,

that is great to hear.

For the implementation, I don’t have the necessary knowledge - but I can tell you how i would like to see it in HA (Im using node-red for my automations)

I would like to see the setting for levels (manual level, boost level and cooking mode) just like input_number variables in HA (input_number)

So the numbers can be changed via either a HA automation, node-red or lovelace and then sent to the ccm module (like it is done in the PC tool).

The cooking mode would of course consist of 2 variables - one for exhaust and one for supply. (not possible from PC tool)

As of how to to this - I don’t have much to offer - but let me know if you want any testing done or just some more input.


Hi staal,

The reason that I want to dynamically set the boost level is that the motor replacement that danfoss installed is not balanced properly and now the whole house is filled with a deep rumbling when the boost level is above 30% (I want to be able to increase the boost level when i leave home to remedy this problem).

Danfoss is not being very accommodating when it comes to solving the issue. (they did charge 11,5k dkk for the repair so far).

So if I had to get a new unit today I am not sure I would choose a Danfoss.

just my 2cents


Hello Peter.

Thanks for the info. I have’nt bought a system yet, but will pretty soon. Danfoss seems to be the only system with integration for HA and I’d like to have all my devices in one app.

That lightning strike sounds like an expensive and tiring experience. I’d say that if you payed 11,5k and Danfoss installed the replacement parts, then they’d better make it work properly.

Also do you have pre-heater installed?


Hi staal,

I do not have a pre-heater installed. this is not an option with the w1 unit.

Fortunately the payment for the repair is between danfoss and my insurance company. And they have informed me that they are not paying up until the problem is solved.

As for the lightning strike - quite expensive indeed, just about everything in the house with a circut is fried. (except the toaster and a few other things).

On the bright side - it has given me the possibility to get rid of my uponor underfloor heating control system and now I can integrate it into home assistant and node-red (which is working a lot better so far).


Hi Peter.

Good to hear and I believe that your insurance company will make Danfoss solve all your issues.

I have now ordered a W2 system and looking forward to installing this. I did not order the after-heater - that beast costs 8500 dkk! Also I can always install it afterwards if we fell the need.


Good luck.


I have been looking a bit at setting the manual fan step and boost level this evening. I think I know how to implement it both regarding the API towards the CCM module and how to implement it in HA.

I have not looked at the cooking option yet. That will be after implementing above.


I will join this thread, as I’m currently in the process of installing an Air A2 system as part of a renovation.
I already have Danfoss Living thermostats and the Link CC installed, so a Danfoss ventilation unit seemed like the obvious choice.
Unfortunately it seems Danfoss has all but abandoned development for the (current generation) CC, so no options for controlling the Air units using the Danfoss developed app.
I was therefore exited to learn that there is an integration available for HA.

Big thumbs up and thanks for this!
I will be installing this as soon as my unit is up and running…

One thing I thought would be handy to have was a way to remotely turn off the ventilation unit - in case of local hazards, harmful smoke caused by nearby fires etc. The kind of messages sent in radio bulletins; you are advised to stay indoor, close all windows and turn off ventilation units. Messages, you always hear, when you are at work with no way to turn off the unit… :confounded:
This would hopefully never or extremely rarely be used, but a useful feature, the day it is needed.
From what I have read, there is a function to turn the unit off using the Link CC - which will automatically turn the system back on again after 24 hours to prevent condensation, if the user has not turned it on again before that time.

Can that be added to HA via the api?

My python is a bit rusty (funny sentence), but I will happily contribute any way I can.
Perhaps first when I finish my installation and get to poke around their supplied “PC-tool” to see what is doable…


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