Anyone working on Kasa KS200m?

Kasa is used by 10% of all installs, but the native integration still doesn’t support the KS200m lux/motion sensor. Is anyone adding this integration??

From previous request:

  1. Brief description of the device or service.
  • ES20M and KS200M from TP-Link are motion sensing smart switches (North America) that also have an “ambient light sensor”
  • ES20M also provides dimming funtions
  1. Link to the provider or manufacturer’s product or service page.
  1. Link to the service or device’s API, along with information as to whether it is public or requires an account or key. (This is extremely important because without a published API, integration of any device or service will be difficult if not impossible!)
  1. Any other relevant information including examples or GitHub repositories related to the device or service.

isn’t this the same?

That was for the ks220m; I think the ks200m is the US version.
Anyway is anyone working on this?

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As said in the other thread, Tplink does not expose the motion sensor via any api in the current firmware, so there’s no way for HA to get it.

The lux sensor may be possible, though I haven’t seen that anyone has said they are working on it.