Tp link ks220m smart swich with motion and light sensors support

I have purchased the new smart switch and when connecting to HA realized that it can only function as a smart switch and the poling for Motion and Light sensor data is missing from the component code.

Please add this :slight_smile: I would if I knew how, or someone could explain.

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  • ES20M and KS200M from TP-Link are motion sensing smart switches (North America) that also have an “ambient light sensor”
  • ES20M also provides dimming funtions
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I just went down this road too. Installed switch expecting motion and lux polling data to be available to control other devices in the room. Real bummer. This device was so close to being everything I wanted.


Yeah, I ended up here as well. Actually, I purchased the switch before I really getting into HA and deciding to go all-in with local setup. The other aspect that I hate with the Kasa Switch is that is has no power outage state. Basically, when we’ve lost power and then the power returns the room that this switch is in ends up turning the light on when power is restored. This is a huge pain as it’s my 10 year old son’s room. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be replacing this switch with a separate smart switch and motion sensor. I’ll be making sure that both of those have a valid power outage state, especially for the middle of the night.

I just purchased the GE Enbrighten Smart Motion Sensor Switch. It’s Z-wave plus, which I like. It doesn’t have a light sensor, and it’s not dimmable. But, I can get lux info from other sensors around the house, so that’s not necessary. Going to put it on the shower fan, which is just an on/off switch, so dimming function isn’t necessary. Hopefully, this works.

I don’t have a Z-wave stick at this point so I’m going to stick with ZigBee & WiFi for the moment. The Aqara motion sensor and a Meross Smart switch is about the cost of just a Z-wave stick at this point for me.

Just wanted to add another voice here. I just picked up a few ES20M switches, and while on/off and dimming are nice to have in HA, I’d love to get access to the motion and lux sensors as well!

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Just installed the GE enbrighten z-wave smart motion sensor switch. It works perfectly. Have to switch it to manual mode (in the device instructions) after installation, so motion doesn’t automatically turn on the light. It doesn’t have light detection and it’s a switch, not a dimmer. So, you need to install it on something that’s just an on/off switch - I put it on my shower fan. Not having lux data isn’t really a problem either, since you can get ambient light data from a sensor next to any window in the house.

I wish I could find a ZigBee version of a switch like either the GE Enbrighten or the TP-Link Kasa motion sensor switch.

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Bummed to find the Kasa integration is only partial at this point. The HA docs, though, say that the “sensor” device type is supported. I guess that’s not true…or only true of certain devices?

I think the sensors are only for energy consumption on select power monitoring plugs. I think there is support for the motion sensors in the python-kasa GitHub repo but no support in the current integration or the tplink-smarthome-api GitHub repo.

I’m not sure on the exact flow of how the three components (TP-Link integration, tplink-smarthome-api, and python-kasa) interact but my best guess is motion sensors will be added by the end of this year, if it’s possible. The dev branch of core Home Assistant has also been updated to use the version of python-kasa that supports the sensors so it may be even sooner.

It would be awesome if they are able to add this since the Kasa motion sensors are significantly cheaper than the GE Enbrighten switches (at the cost of having to use WiFi and rely on TP-Link’s benevolence).

In the meantime, you can setup smart control in the Kasa app to use the motion sensor for turning on that specific light and have other devices be linked to that light’s state/transition for automations.

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If motion sensors could be supported by the end of this year, that’d be awesome. Does anyone know if there’s a bounty system to push things forward? I’d be happy to contribute.

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Damn I ended up here only to learn it’s not added yet?

Yeah, this is something that would be great to have. I love how most of the other Kasa products work seamlessly when integrating with Home Assistant, but it seems this is my first snag with the Kasa line of products with HA. Hopefully, we can get the integration updated soon to support the sensor. Due to the fact they already have some other Kasa sensors supported, I imagine it shouldn’t take much to add the capability.

Just got my Kasa Smart Dimmer and trying to decide if I should send it back. I’m looking for a motion sensing dimmer that will allow HA to use the motion as a trigger. I’ve been using Ecobee Switch+, but they have been rather flaky and triggering randomly (one more than the other - in a bathroom with no light and the door closed and it still triggers by itself randomly). The Ecobee is also just a switch not a dimmer. I’ve got a Smarthome hub if that can help broaden the possibilities.

I’m moving to an Aqara P1 motion/light sensor and a plain smart switch. The Kasa switch is probably just going to end up in a box unused as it’s default state after a power outage is On and there is no way to change that so it’s of no use to me as of right now.

You mean that switch turns ON after power restore no matter what?

Yes that is correct. In the middle of the night when we have a power outage the light will end up on blasting my sleeping son with light until it finally connects and the motion sensor timeout happens to turn the light off, or someone manually turns it off. It’s the crappiest thing and I wish I knew that before dropping money on it.

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Well. I’m glad I know. I’ve been waiting for HA support before I be purchase some but now I will look elsewhere. Thanks!

Interesting, I have 5 of these switches and I’ve never experienced this with them. I’ve just run a test of setting them to off and then resetting the breaker, and they were still off when the power was restored. Is it possible they fixed the issue in a newer firmware version that my switches have but yours may not?